Jana Duggar Just Told Everyone She Wants to Marry a Man Like Her Father, Jim Bob

Since the early days of 19 Kids and Counting, we’ve watched the Duggar kids grow up over the years — and Jana has always proven to be a fan favorite. She’s one of the oldest Duggar kids and is known for helping her brothers and sisters. Now, at nearly 30 years old, she’s watched many of her siblings walk down the aisle, too — and while Jana has expressed interest in also marrying and starting a family of her own, she hasn’t met Mr. Right just yet.

While she may still be single, Jana did recently enter the world of social media via Instagram. And she wrote a touching tribute to her famous father, Jim Bob, that includes some information about what she may be looking for in a man.

Jana Duggar remains unmarried at 29 years old

It’s no secret that the Duggars like to marry young, as it’s expected that after they court and marry their life partner, they’ll move out of the family home and start a family of their own. Even their courtships can be quite brief (we can’t forget that Joseph and Kendra tied the knot after only three months of courting). Jana, however, is preferring to take her time to find the right man. For now, she’s residing in the large family home and taking care of the rest of the kids who live there to help out her parents while pursuing a few of her own endeavors.

While Jana remains single, she also remains hopeful that God has the right man in store for her and she just has to be patient. She’s admitted she’s dated in the past, too — though none of those courtships have made it to television. Currently, fans are pushing Lawson Bates (who also gained fame for having 18 siblings) and Jana to start dating — but they’ve verified time and time again that they’re just friends.

She just wrote a touching Father’s Day tribute to Jim Bob and said she’s waiting for a man like him

Perhaps Jana is picky when it comes to what she wants in a man or perhaps courting just isn’t top of mind. Either way, she still has one man in her life whom she looks up to — and that’s her father, Jim Bob. On Father’s Day, she wrote a touching tribute to him on Instagram. “My Dad is the one who has taught me so many skills,” she begins the post — and she then goes into talking about how she’s learned plumbing, electrical work, car maintenance, and even her art through Jim Bob’s tutelage. “Dad has taught me so much as we work on different projects!”

Jana then discusses how giving her father is, and she finds this to be one of his greatest qualities. “Dad is a giver. Always giving of his own goods and supplies without expecting anything in return. … He is quick to ask for forgiveness. He is a humble man. A man of patience, kindness, compassion, determination, strong. He is the one that leads our family and points us to Christ no matter the circumstance,” she wrote. Finally, Jana dropped the most interesting take of all. “Couldn’t have prayed for a better Dad and can only hope to find a man like him to marry someday!!”

Here’s how fans are reacting

Many who’ve watched the Duggars over the years have very polarizing views of the family, especially Jim Bob. As a politician and the leader of the family, some of his views and gender-biased ways have really turned viewers off. Despite the various opinions of Jim Bob that exist, it seems many are loving Jana’s post, however.

“What a beautiful tribute to your dad. I could feel the love and honor you have for him on your every word,” one fan wrote on Jana’s post. And another added, “Loved your caption and the part about finding a man like him someday MAY HAVE gotten me teary.” Others felt compelled to reassure Jana that a man like Jim Bob is out there for her to marry, too. “We need more happiness and family like this in the world you’re so beautiful and you will find the man of your dreams,” another fan commented. With Jana’s beauty, brains, and loving heart, we’re sure she’ll find someone awesome to court someday soon.

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