Jana Duggar And Her Siblings Just Surprised Their Parents With Something Incredible

Jana Duggar is the oldest Duggar daughter, but since she isn’t married, she’s still living at home. Jana spends a lot of time with her younger siblings and has taken on the role of helping them out with school. But she also knows how hard her parents work to keep the household running smoothly. And she just surprised Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar in the best way.

Duggar children
The Duggar children gifted their parents with a brand new master suite | Ida Mae Astute/ABC via Getty Images

Jana still lives at home because she isn’t married

If you’re wondering why Jana Duggar, who is 29, still lives at home, it’s because of a Duggar family rule. The Duggars only leave home once they’re married. And since Jana is still single, she hasn’t left the nest yet. But she doesn’t mind being there and has helped her parents out with the younger kids in many ways. In fact, she still shares a room with her little sisters and doesn’t appear to be hating life at all. Jana has been rumored to be in a courtship with several different people through the years, but none came to fruition. She recently joined Instagram, which had fans think she was courting, but she and her siblings once again denied the rumors.

Jana and her siblings worked hard to remodel their parents’ bedroom and bathroom while they were away

When Michelle and Jim Bob took a week and a half away from home, Jana and her siblings decided to get to work to reward their parents with something very special: A brand new master bedroom and bath. The children decided to spend the week repainting, remodeling, and updating their parents’ master suite. The older siblings who have moved out returned to the home to help with the remodel as well. And the big reveal was well worth it. Jana posted photos on her Instagram page showing the before and after process, and the oldest Duggar daughter may have a future in home design.

Jana spearheaded the process, but her brothers helped by building the cabinets and bench

Jana took control of the remodel and put her home design skills to the test. The children got a brand new bed for their parents with new linens and plenty of new paint in the master bedroom. But the boys brought a nice tough to the room with a window seat and built-in cabinets that they built themselves. The boys built a large storage cabinet for the bathroom as well. The bathroom got a fresh coat of paint on the cabinets, a new shower curtain, and new mirrors and fixtures.

The kids wanted to give their parents a place that felt ‘like a palace’

The Duggar children said they especially wanted to give their mother a bedroom that felt like a queen’s palace. They said their parents do so much for them and it was about time they gave back. When Jim Bob and Michelle saw the room for the first time, they couldn’t stop smiling. “This is too beautiful to be true,” Michelle said as she toured the master bathroom. Everyone played a role in the remodel, including Josh Duggar’s wife Anna, who hand-made the window seat cushion.

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