The Real Reason Jana Duggar Still Shares a Room With Her Little Sisters

Jana Duggar may be nearly 30, but she’s still living at home with Mom and Dad. Her parents are Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, and the family has some very strict rules about how their children can grow up. But with Jana approaching her third decade of life, fans are wondering why she’s still living at home — and even more so, why she still shares a room with her very young sisters.

Jana Duggar
Jana Duggar | Jana Duggar via Instagram

The Duggar children typically don’t move out until they get married

The Duggar family comes from an extremely strict household. The family is very religious, and their faith determines most of their household rules. One of those rules says that women cannot leave the home until they’re married. The Duggar women typically take on a more submissive role in their marriages; they don’t usually hold steady jobs and instead give birth and raise the children. Some Duggars do have small jobs; Jinger Duggar does freelance photography, and Jill Duggar is a certified midwife. So until Jana ties the knot, she can’t leave home.

Jana is still single — and she’s often had to dodge rumors about romances

Jana is definitely not courting anyone, but avid fans of Counting On constantly try and stretch the idea that she may have found a man. When Jana joined Instagram, people instantly assumed she was courting, since that’s when most Duggars get their Instagram accounts. Jana and her sisters denied the rumors. She was also rumored to be dating Caleb Williams, but she fended off those rumors as well. And people once believed she may have a romantic relationship with her best friend, Laura DeMasie, but DeMasie and Derick Dillard both shut down those rumors on social media.

Jana even still shares a room with her very young sisters, and she says it’s because she just enjoys their company

One thing fans found interesting about Duggar is that a recent Instagram post appeared to show her sharing a room with her younger sisters. (Her sisters are between ages nine and 13.) She posted a photo of the nook in her room, and one user asked whether she still shared a room with the younger girls. “Actually, I’ve had the choice to move to another room, but love being in the girls room with my sisters!” Jana commented. “The evenings are the best, we sit around talking and catching up on each other’s day.” Although Jana is nearly two decades older than her younger sisters, they all still share an extremely tight bond.

She has said multiple times that she will court someone when she’s ready

Jana is in no rush to meet someone. She has said in the past that the right person will come along when the time is right. For now, she appears to be enjoying living at home and spending days with her younger siblings. A source close to the family once said that Jana doesn’t want to rush into anything and potentially end up in a negative relationship. Sometimes, when people get married too young or too quickly, both of them grow and realize they weren’t right for each other. Jana wants to make sure that she finds the right person the first time around.

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