Jana Duggar’s Instagram Profile Reminds Her Followers She’s Not Telling Them Everything She’s Up To

It’s hard to keep up with the Duggars these days. While TLC’s Counting On shows us what Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s 19 kids are up to, many of the couple’s adult children have husbands, wives, and families of their own. But if there’s one Duggar kid who seemingly hasn’t gone through a major life transformation, it’s Jana.

Jana is 29 years old and remains one of the Duggar’s most eligible bachelorettes. She appears to live a simple life taking care of her younger siblings with Jim Bob and Michelle, and she’s one of the few Duggars who with their own Instagram despite her unmarried status. It seems there might be some aspects of Jana’s life we don’t know about, though. Here’s the clue she’s giving her followers.

Jana Duggar still lives at home under Jim Bob and Michelle’s roof

The Duggars are known for getting into courtships at a young age and marrying quickly, but such isn’t the case with Jana. While Jana’s noted on Counting On that she’s entered courtships in the past, none of her relationships have reached marriage potential. And fans have speculated that Jana may currently be courting without telling anyone, though there’s not much evidence to support that, either.

While Jana’s 29 years old and an older woman to be unmarried in Duggar world, she doesn’t seem to mind. She cares for the younger kids while living at home, and she participates in local activities, gardens, and plays piano while at home, too.

“Love this place I get to call home!” Jana captioned an Instagram, proving to her social media followers she enjoys her living situation despite what others may think.

She appears to tell her followers all about what’s going on in her life

Jana’s quite active on Instagram, and she’s frequently posting photos to show what she’s up to in Arkansas.

In December, one of her biggest projects appeared to be putting up Christmas lights. “Finishing up with the last of the Christmas decorating!! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!” she captioned an Instagram post that showed off just how decked out she made the Arkansas home. And Jana shows off plenty of other home projects, too, like her garden and her renovations on old buildings, like a local schoolhouse.

Of course, since Jana’s with all of her younger siblings, she makes sure to spend plenty of quality time with them, too. On Oct. 28, she posted a photo with her 11-year-old sister, Jordyn, during their special day out.

While it seems Jana isn’t working, she may actually be making money as well. Not only do her frequent appearances on Counting On bring in income, but she also took to her Instagram Story on Dec. 13, 2019, to promote a product and her partnership with Vanity Planet.

Her Instagram profile alludes she’s not telling us everything

Given what we see from Jana, she gives her followers a well-rounded glimpse into what her life is like. But her Instagram profile indicates there may be more going on than we realize.

“The best parts of my life don’t make it to social media,” Jana wrote on her Instagram profile.

We’re not sure exactly what the “best parts” could be since she appears to feature all aspects of her life on the ‘gram. It’s doubtful she’s secretly courting and keeping the info away from her fans, as Jana doesn’t appear to lead an ultra-private life. And we also doubt that she’s planning a big move off of her parents’ property.

So, is Jana really keeping anything from her fans? Or is she just suggesting that she mainly lives her life off of social media and is just sharing bits and pieces with her followers? Given what we know about Jana, it’s most likely the latter. But we’ll have to see what 2020 holds and if she has any surprises in store.

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