Jana Duggar’s National Dog Day Instagram Photo Proves She’s Still Constantly Caring for Her Younger Siblings

Those who follow Counting On know plenty about Jana Duggar. Jana is the oldest of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s daughters, and she still lives at home at 30 years old due to her status as a single woman. While Jana seems to like living with her parents, fans keep begging her to break free and move out.

More recently, Jana posted to Instagram to celebrate National Dog Day. But family critics are wary of the post, as they think it proves she’s always taking care of her younger siblings. Here’s what they said.

Jana Duggar still lives at home with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

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While several of Jana’s younger adult siblings have moved out, she remains at home with her parents. And it’s all because she’s unmarried. In the Duggar family, the women typically only move out of the large family home once they’ve courted and married another Christian man that’s been vetted by Jim Bob. So far, Jana hasn’t found the man of her dreams.

Jana’s made it known she’s not rushing the marriage process, though. She believes in God’s timing and trusts that everything will unfold as it should. But her single status has repeatedly been the subject of conversation on Counting On.

It looks like Jana’s joining in on the jokes about her relationship status, too. On Aug. 12, she posted a photo of herself on Instagram holding a sign that says, “Please form a single line,” as if to indicate she has a number of potential suitors.

Jana helps care for her younger siblings

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Not only does Jana live at home, but she also helps out a ton with her younger siblings who live under her parents’ roof. From helping them with their chores to assisting in homeschooling, Jana does it all. And she even talked about helping out with a few of her sisters back in 2014.

“We’re older girls and we have some of the younger ones that we just help with keeping an eye on them whenever we’re out and about in a large crowd,” Jana explained to the Christian Broadcasting Network. “Or in the morning, helping them pick out their outfit and straighten their hair.”

Jana then added that the younger kids are “well-behaved” for the most part. But there are moments when her siblings have a bad attitude, and she’s able to sweetly navigate that.

Duggar family critics think Jana’s Instagram post about National Dog Day raises red flags

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Jana posts to her Instagram from time to time — and it seems she wanted to celebrate National Dog Day. She posted a photo of herself with her dog, Willow. But she’s also pictured holding a child, which is giving family critics the sense that Jana never gets any alone time.

“Can Jana not even walk the dog without having to care for someone‚Äôs child?” a Reddit user noted.

“Jana I know you’re a great mum but put some shoes on the kid and let him burn off some energy,” another wrote.

“Also, this is why Jana has biceps … she walks back and forth to the gate holding a random niece/nephew,” yet another added.

While it looks like Jana enjoys her life exactly as it is, we would love to see her venture out on her own someday. For now, we’re sure we’ll see plenty more updates just like this one.

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