‘Big Little Lies:’ Does Jane Chapman Have a Boyfriend?

Jane Chapman recently moved to Monterey Bay and is the single mother of a son, Ziggy. It was revealed that her son is the result of an assault by Celeste Wright’s late husband, Perry. The Wrights have twin boys that Celeste and Jane allowed to meet after Chloe Mackenzie told them they were brothers. Ever since then, Jane has promised not to keep any secrets from Ziggy. However, does Jane have a boyfriend, and is she holding that from her son?

Douglas Smith, the actor who plays Corey, did an interview where he dished about Corey and Jane’s on-screen relationship.** SPOILER ALERT ** This article contains information from Big Little Lies Season 2 Episode 3.

Jane Chapman boyfriend
Shailene Woodley | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Is Corey Jane Chapman’s boyfriend?

Coffee Shop Tom is gone, and her aquarium co-worker, Corey, is now in the picture. He’s an attractive surfer, who Jane asked if he was “on the spectrum.” The viewers were first introduced to him in the Big Little Lies Season 2 premiere when he referred to Jane being in “The Monterey Five.” In Season 2 Episode 3, The End of the World, Corey and Jane go on a date. Jane finds his random facts endearing, and they go on a walk after dinner.

She then admits to Corey that she has a son, and he immediately asked to meet Ziggy. Jane doesn’t want to introduce Corey to Ziggy as a boyfriend, so they settle on surfing lessons. Corey tries to kiss Jane, but she recoils because her past left her scarred. Realizing Jane must have some trauma, Corey decided to slow dance with Jane in her driveway. Jane accepted his touch and cried silent tears on his shoulder while they embraced.

At the end of the episode, Jane ran into Bonnie Carlson at the beach, where Corey is giving Ziggy surfing lessons. Jane explained to Bonnie that while she likes Corey, he is not her boyfriend yet. Jane continued that she only told Ziggy he is giving her surfing lessons so far. Bonnie also asked if he knew about her past trauma, and Jane admitted she hadn’t told him. Bonnie then encouraged her to open up to Corey.

Douglas Smith “Corey” interview

When Entertainment Weekly asked Smith if it was a good sign that his character wanted to meet Ziggy so soon, he said yes. He thinks it’s better than the “stereotypical” response guys usually give when they after finding out their potential partner already has a child. Smith thinks Corey is very empathetic and can sense Jane has been through something because Corey’s been through therapy.

When asked if the viewers and Jane should trust Corey, he said, “anything is possible,” and everyone has “the propensity for good and bad.” Smith also said he was indeed surfing in the last scene with Ziggy and had been surfing since a child. He said it’s therapy for him, and resetting at the beach is a large part of his life. When asked if Jane tells Corey the Monterey Five secret, he said his character has “high emotional intelligence.”