When Is ‘Jane the Virgin’ Coming Back?

The final season of Jane the Virgin is scheduled to begin airing this year. There are a lot of questions that need answering in Season 5 and, luckily, it appears as though the show will do just that. Here’s what we know about the last season including its return date.

Gina Rodriguez
Gina Rodriguez | Vincent Sandoval/Getty Images

The series returns on March 27

Though all four previous seasons have run from October through April/May, the finale season was pushed back a bit. This is likely due to the CW’s complex airing schedule, or possibly because star Gina Rodriguez has been busy with other projects, such as her film Miss Bala or the animated Netflix series Carmen Sandiego.

How many episodes are in Season 5 of Jane the Virgin?

The final season of Jane the Virgin will consist of 19 total episodes, or chapters as they’re called in the Jane the Virgin world. Previous seasons have included between 17 and 22 episodes. If this particular amount seems strange, here’s why it makes sense: The final episode will be Chapter 100, perfectly rounding out the series. This was always the plan, according to creator Jennie Snyder Urman.

Rodriguez shared this image on Instagram

Exactly one month out from Season 5 Episode 1, Rodriguez shared a poster image for the new season. The series has jumped around with airing days: For the first three seasons, new episodes of Jane the Virgin aired on Mondays. They moved to Fridays for Season 4, and have now landed in the middle on Wednesdays for the final season.

What will happen in Jane the Virgin Season 5?

Even though there are only 19 episodes remaining of Jane the Virgin, there are still many questions left to be answered. The biggest ones, of course, are about the return of Jane’s husband. Does Michael have amnesia? Did he fake his own death?

The other major questions revolve around Petra. After coming clean to JR, Petra finds herself alone in a room with — someone. After a tip from Petra’s former assistant, JR rushes back just in time to take the gun from the person holding it and shoot them. Who was it, and are they dead?

In addition to these two huge plotlines, the minor storylines will help to shape the final season. There’s Alba’s “platonic” marriage to Jorge, which will (likely) turn romantic. There’s also The Passions of Steve, Rogelio’s American adaptation of his telenovela, with which any number of things could go wrong.

A Jane the Virgin spinoff is coming

Even though this is the end of Jane’s story, it’s not the end of her universe. A spin-off series, Jane the Novela, has received a pilot order at the CW. Jacqueline Grace Lopez (East Los High) is set to play the lead in the first season of the anthology series, revolving around a family running a vineyard in Napa Valley.

So how exactly is it a spin off? Well, Jane is a writer, and Rodriguez will narrate the series, presumably as Jane, who has written the story. This leaves the show very open ended: Even if it only gets one season, this telenovela-like series will work to fill the hole in audiences’ hearts left by the ending of Jane the Virgin.

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