The 4 Sweetest Moments From the ‘Jane the Virgin’ Series Finale

After five seasons, 100 episodes, and countless twists and turns, Jane the Virgin has come to an end. The series finale was, as promised, a fitting tribute to the telenovela dramedy, which aired on the CW. Here’s a look at the most touching moments from that final episode.

When Luisa told Jane about Rafael’s parents

All of the show’s mysteries were wrapped up ahead of the finale — well, all but one. Rafael believed for a long time that he was the son of Emilio Solano, hotel mogul, and a mother, Elena, who abandoned their family when he was young. Elena comes back later as the crime lord, Mutter. Both are dead by the end of Season 2, but in Season 3, he finds out he was adopted.

Rafael tries to find his parents but ends up learning about Michael’s faked death instead. Luisa, who has finally proven that she’s making amends for past actions by working for the police, uses her connections to dig up the details on Rafael’s parents.

She gives them to Jane to share with her husband-to-be, discovering that they were bakers who died in a car crash. It’s a very un-telenovela kind of reveal, but the way they wrap things up fits with the final episode and gives Luisa another redeeming moment.

Rafael’s romantic gesture

Justin Baldoni as Rafael and Gina Rodriguez as Jane
Justin Baldoni as Rafael and Gina Rodriguez as Jane | Michael Desmond/The CW — © 2017 The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved

Rafael is a romantic guy, of course, but let’s face it: It’s Michael who would pull out all of the stops for Jane. As Gina Rodriguez herself said in the retrospective “Chapter Ninety-Nine” episode, Michael and Jane was the fairytale romance, while Rafael and Jane is more of a realistic, gradual love story. 

But in the series finale, Rafael got to pull his biggest gesture yet. Jane’s publisher didn’t receive her changes to the end of her book in time to make sure that the early copies were correct.

So Rafael, on the morning of his wedding to Jane, decides to take matters into his own hands. It shows that he’s always been supportive of her career as an author, and Jane is fully appreciative of the move.

Petra and J.R.’s big reunion

We knew that nothing could get in the way of Jane and Rafael’s wedding — not a day-of arrest, not a villainous crime lord, not even Michael’s quick reappearance. But there’s another couple who’s will-they, won’t they storyline seemed to be doomed — that is, until the last 15 minutes for the finale.

Petra had accepted that she and J.R. weren’t meant to be. But J.R. surprised her, reeling from her mother’s recent death and touched by Petra’s subtle but meaningful gesture after it. She showed up to the wedding, and she and Petra shared a steamy kiss.

Yes, it was a nice subversion of the usual tropes to see Petra “married” to her work, but she and J.R. were just too good together to not give them a happy ending.

The way they couldn’t even get through their vows

Most movies and TV shows feature a build-up to the moment in which the characters finally reveal their true feelings for one another in their beautiful, single-tear-invoking vows. But Jane and Rafael have exchanged these kinds of words on multiple occasions. What else was there left to say?

As it turns out, we’ll never know. Jane and Rafael were both so overcome with emotion that they couldn’t say their vows without sobbing. So instead, they each read the other’s silently to themselves. In a series that always says exactly how it feels, it was kind of sweet to have this one last moment kept for just the two of them. 

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