January Jones Responds To Report That She Has ‘Worried Friends With Her Series of Attention-Grabbing Bikini Pictures’

Celebrity social media content has looked a little different ever since March 2020. We’ve seen maybe 15 slight variations on the “I’m bored in the house and I’m in the house bored” caption accompanying photos of famous people in their mansions, in their big, fluffy beds, lounging in their big, fluffy robes with exotic face masks obscuring their used-to-be-often-photographed mugs.

January Jones‘ take on the whole famous person in quarantine experience has truly delight her fans but, according to one publication, “worried” her friends.

January Jones attends the premiere of Netflix's "The Politician" at DGA Theater
January Jones | Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

January Jones’ Instagram during the coronavirus pandemic

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic hit the U.S., Jones has really upped her Instagram game. Her profile does include some of the obligatory famous people face mask/robe combo photos mentioned above, but it also includes a certain je ne sais quoi that can maybe only be described as relatably, delightfully, ever-so-slightly unhinged.

Since March, Jones has posted a video of herself sweeping the floor in an ornately beautiful Venetian mask, plenty of throwbacks to her days as Betty on Mad Men, a selfie that features green smoothie remnants making themselves quite comfortable in the crevices of the star’s pearly whites, tips and tricks on “things that can be a good stress reliever, such as the outdoors and bushes and shrubbery,” and a comforting amount of dog pics.

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But what’s really caught the attention of Jones’ fans and, apparently, her “friends,” are the photos of the actor by her home pool wearing absolutely show-stopping bathing suit/jewelry/hat/sunglasses combos.

Unfortunately, as the months went on, Jones seemingly returned to her regular posting style – the je ne sais quoi slowly evaporated as Americans began to realize we’re going to be here a while. But then, on Nov. 30 she wrote, “I think it may be time my crazy quarantined mood returns.. thoughts?? I sorta miss seeing texts from family and comments asking if I’ve lost it.”

The Mad Men actor received an overwhelming encore from her audience encouraging her to “bless [their] timeline[s]” once more.

‘January Jones has worried friends with her series of attention-grabbing bikini pictures and social media posts’

On Dec. 8, Jones posted an email she received from The National Enquirer. The note read:

“To Whom It May Concern:

The National Enquirer is preparing to publish a story which reports January Jones has worried friends with her series of attention-grabbing bikini pictures and social media posts.

Sources claim her content smacks of a ‘desperate cry for attention’ and note how her acting work appears to have dried up before then [sic] pandemic took hold.

If you have a statement or wish to comment please provide it before 5pm ET, Wednesday, December 9, 2020, directly to this email and Dan Dolan, Editor-in-chief

Thank you”

“Sh*t,” Jones captioned the post. “They’ve discovered my secret. Consider this my public apology to my ‘friends.'”

Later that day, she posted a photo of herself in a bikini flipping off the camera with a big smile on her face.

“Had to do it. #DESPERATE,” she captioned the post.

All hail January Jones. May her “crazy quarantined mood” reign on!