Jared Padalecki Was Arrested For These Very Serious Charges

We know that some of our favorite A-list actors are just people. However, it’s always shocking when someone who is known for their calm demenor finds themselves in trouble with the law.

Though we originally fell in love with him as the tall and hunky Dean Forester on Gilmore Girls — actor Jared Padalecki has starred on the iconic and long-running series Supernatural, as Sam Winchester for the past 15 seasons.

Padalecki has been open in the past about the stress of being in the spotlight and his desire to take it easy for a while when The CW series wraps in the spring of 2020. However, looks like he’s going to be thrust into the spotlight in a way that he never expected.

Jared Padalecki was arrested for public intoxication and assault

According to TMZ in the early morning hours of Sunday, Oct. 27 — Padalecki was arrested and charged with one count of public intoxication and two counts of assault. Apparently, this all stemmed from an incident involving the actor at a bar near his home in Austin, Texas.

Apparently, the actor was at Stereotype nightclub where he is a frequent guest. In fact, there are rumors that the Gilmore Girls alum might be an owner or investor in the club/lounge which is said to have a ’90s theme. However, the actor, who enjoys his privacy has never confirmed or denied any involvement.


This is the incident that led to Jared Padalecki’s arrest

Before the police were called to the scene at Stereotype– Padalecki was allegedly involved in some kind of confrontation. TMZ is reporting that the incident ended with the actor striking both the general manager and a bartender in the face.

TMZ has posted a video where the 6′ 4″ actor can be clearly seen putting an arm around someone’s neck and holding that individual in some sort of chokehold position. Later, the House of Wax alum can be seen chatting with the police in the video before he’s arrested.

TMZ is reporting that a bystander said that while Padalecki was being restrained by police, he flashed a large wad of cash at the officers in an effort to not be arrested. There has been no word if the actor is free or still under arrest, but we do know that his bond may be as high as $5,000 per charge.

Will Jared Padalecki’s arrest affect the final season of ‘Supernatural’?

Things could get hairy for the actor if the people that he allegedly assaulted press charges. However, because he’s never been in trouble before, and because Supernatural is such a beloved show — things might pan out differently. Since we expect Padalecki’s PR team to begin a whirlwind apology tour in the coming days, we highly doubt this will affect the 15th and final season of Supernatural in any way.

In fact, knowing how the Hollywood machine works with incidents like this — we fully expect this story to fizzle in the coming weeks. We just hope that the alleged victims are OK and whatever is going on with Padalecki gets resolved professionally.