Jason Momoa Kept the Sweetest Thing From His New Apple TV+ Show

Jason Momoa shot to fame playing the barbaric Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones and has continued to enjoy great success since finishing his run on the show.

Momoa is the star of a new series from Apple TV+, titled See, and is already earning critical acclaim for his acting in the futuristic series.

Read on to learn all about Jason Momoa, including how he became famous, what he took from the set of See, and what determines whether or not he will get to keep it. 

How did Jason Momoa become famous?

Jason Momoa on the red carpet
Jason Momoa | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Jason Momoa was born in Hawaii in 1979. As a young man, Momoa was surrounded by the arts, with his father working as a painter and his mother as a photographer. Momoa attended college and studied marine biology, intent on utilizing his passion for animal preservation to help save the world’s oceans.

Still, there was a different future waiting for Momoa. In the late nineties, Momoa was discovered by some talent scouts, who encouraged him to utilize his rugged good looks and chiseled physique to walk the runways for fashion designers.

Following his stint as a model, Momoa began accepting various acting jobs. His breakout role was in the TV series Baywatch Hawaii, with a popular appearance in Stargate: Atlantis shortly after.

His big break was with Game of Thrones, and Momoa’s portrayal of Khal Drogo became an instant fan-favorite.

Of course, these days, many fans know him from his heroic turn as Aquaman in the D.C. film — but Momoa’s new show, See, promises to introduce him to an all-new audience of viewers who will begin to appreciate the multi-talented star. 

What did Jason Momoa take from his new show?

The highly-anticipated show, which debuts on Apple TV+ streaming service in November, is set in a futuristic world where humans have lost their sense of sight and have had to finely tune their other senses in order to function in day to day life.

Momoa had a blast filming the show, and even walked away from the set with a very special addition to his family — an adorable German shepherd puppy that he dubbed Rama.

Still, in a recent interview, Momoa admitted that he wasn’t sure if he would get to keep the dog since everything that goes on in his house has to get his wife’s approval.

Momoa’s wife is, of course, Lisa Bonet, the beautiful actress who became famous for her work on The Cosby Show in the eighties. Momoa and Bonet first started dating in 2005 after meeting at a bar and were married in 2017.

The couple has two children and works on keeping their relationship very private.

Momoa, however, often gushes about his gorgeous wife, saying that he determined that he would marry her from the very first time he saw her on The Cosby Show. “She was a queen, always,” Momoa claims

Will Jason Momoa get to keep his new dog?

Now that the fate of Momoa’s new dog is in Bonet’s hands, no one is quite sure whether or not the actor will get to keep the puppy.

Momoa might have given himself a leg up based on the name he gave the puppy. The puppy’s name, Rama, also belonged to a dog that Bonet had once owned a long time ago.

It seems likely that nostalgia, as well as love for her husband, might just give Bonet the push she needs to allow Momoa to keep the hijacked dog.

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