Jax Taylor From ‘Vanderpump Rules’ and Captain Lee Rosbach From ‘Below Deck’ Cross Twitter Wires Over Show Realness

What started as a question turned into a spicy exchange and lots and lots of follower opinions. Jax Taylor from Vanderpump Rules posted a question to Twitter he constantly gets asked. But this question prompted Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck to get involved.

“The biggest question I get is, why do you think our show is successful?” Taylor asked. “Easy answer, listen up networks!! If you want to do a show w/ similar format to ours pick a group of friends that already exist and have chemistry, casted shows are fake and don’t work.”

Jax Taylor and Captain Lee |Photo b: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The first person to respond to the thread was Rosbach with, “Really?” A follower responded, “Awesome timing Captain Lee – made me giggle.” Taylor wrote, “Yes, really!” Then things get really interesting.

Taylor tries to clarify

Taylor writes another tweet to clarify what he meant by casting for fake shows. “Today’s audience can see through ‘fake’ shows is all I am saying. I don’t see other cast members on other shows hanging out when they don’t film… but they are supposed to be best friends? My point is, it’s more authentic to get a group of existing friends to do a show like ours.”

One fan commented, “I’m a Vanderpump rules fan but think there are a few casted reality shows that work like the original reality show the real world worked and #belowdeck but your show stands apart bc of the group dynamics.”

Taylor responds, “Real world they told the audience it was casted, 8 complete strangers picked to live together? It said it in the opening credits, so that’s fine, I am talking about the shows that are on today where the cast claims to be ‘friends’ on shows, but you can tell it’s been casted.”

When it came to ‘Below Deck’…

Taylor told one fan he hasn’t watched the show [Below Deck], but then again, he barely watches Vanderpump Rules either. Another fan asked if Bravo shows were scripted. Taylor replied, “nope.”

When it came to Below Deck, Taylor commented directly to Rosbach. “I never said what show was casted, sounds like the capt got a little sensitive, what are you hiding that you took offense to that? to be honest that wasn’t even one of the shows I was thinking about? @capthlr but now I am curious.”

Which prompted Rosbach to respond. “I have nothing to hide @mrjaxtaylor, was just wondering why you lumped all show that have cast as fake, especially since you stated that you have never watched it. Nothing to hide just curious as to how you reached that conclusion. Thats all.”

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Fans take sides (of course)

Bravo fans quickly formed teams. “Jason Taylor, show some respect Captain Lee would wipe the deck with you,” one person commented. This person hoped to get Taylor’s boss, Lisa Vanderpump on Below Deck. “I’ll take Below Deck over any other show! Now if we could just get Lisa Vanderpump on there somehow.”

But some pointed out Taylor never called out Below Deck specifically. “He didn’t say any particular show,” one person added to the thread. And that Taylor was talking about other networks and not Bravo. “He was saying that to other networks dude…”

Even Taylor was all about Below Deck too. One fan wrote that it was an awesome show. Taylor responded, “I’ve been told!!! Probably cause it’s authentic!!”

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