Jax Taylor From ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Slams Perez Hilton for Making Fun of People’s Looks

Jax Taylor from Vanderpump Rules shared a TikTok screenshot of blogger Perez Hilton and tweeted, “All this dude does is make fun of peoples looks… Seriously.”

Taylor didn’t leave it there when it came to commenting on Hilton. He later tweeted a response to a comment that Hilton is better off making fun of himself. “This should be the last man on earth ever making fun of someone’s looks, honestly…”

Tom Sandoval, Jax Taylor
Tom Sandoval, Jax Taylor | Greg Endries/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

For the most part, Taylor’s Twitter followers agreed with him. One person commented that it’s the way Hilton makes his money. But Taylor doubled down on his observation. “Telling people they look ugly and do drugs when you look like the way he does, I mean how can you not just laugh at this complete idiot. Is he serious? People pay him for that? I don’t even know who he is?”

Taylor wanted to know what the gay community thought of Hilton

Taylor then tweeted the same image of Hilton and asked Twitter for thoughts on how the gay community felt about Hilton. Twitter fans responded with comments like, “We threw him away YEARS ago!” And, “We don’t claim him!”

One Twitter follower made this suggestion. “I don’t waste energy on stuff like this. Way more important issues in the Gay community to address and have better healthy dialogue with.” Another person added, “Oh is he still relevant? I thought after so many years of ruining lives he’d quietly walk away…guess not. But he’s still trying…??”

But this person wondered why Taylor was starting a feud with Hilton. “@mrjaxtaylor why are picking a fight with @ThePerezHilton? You’re so loud to talk but can’t @ him? You don’t like when people assume things about your characteristics, so what makes you any better to do it to him? He’s a human with feelings and a good one too.”

Hilton responds on Instagram

Hilton knew that Taylor was shading him and responded with his own shade. “@MrJaxTaylor from Vanderpump Rules didn’t even have the balls to @ me! I haven’t talked s**t about people’s physical appearance since 2010. I do have opinions, however, about s**t people – like Jax,” Hilton wrote.

“The hypocrisy of attacking my looks for the same thing he falsely accused me of is lost on him. No one has ever accused Jax Taylor of being smart! I would sincerely like to thank him for promoting my TikTok. It’s lit! Hopefully he listens to my new song tonight and shares his thoughts! In all seriousness: please don’t send any hate to Jax Taylor. We should all have compassion for those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. 🙏”

Hilton posted about Taylor yet again too. “He took the time to post about me on Instagram Story AND Twitter. Maybe the rumors of @MrJaxTaylor being bisexual are true! Sorry, boo. You can’t have a piece of me. I don’t want your STDS!” Hilton’s fans sided with him. “The last sentence of your clapback sent me,” one person commented. Another wrote, “No idea who he is. He’s irrelevant. You’re the bomb.”