Jed Wyatt from ‘The Bachelorette’ Just Went to Serious Lengths to Surprise His Girlfriend for Valentine’s Day

Peter Weber’s searching for the woman of his dreams as the current Bachelor, and no one can forget it was Hannah Brown who broke his heart. While Weber and Brown could’ve been a great match, she chose Jed Wyatt instead. And we know her relationship with Wyatt didn’t work out.

Wyatt’s ex-girlfriend, Haley Stevens, told the media that Wyatt was still with her when he first went on the show. And she also admitted that he hoped to jumpstart his music career by using the show as a platform.

After the truth came out, Wyatt was slammed on social media. But now he’s dating someone new — and he just went to serious lengths to make sure she had the best Valentine’s Day ever. Here’s what he did and what his followers are saying about it.

Jed Wyatt is super serious about his girlfriend, Ellen Decker

Wyatt maintained he really did love Brown and their relationship just didn’t work out. But many fans believed his ex, Stevens. And when she provided text evidence that showed Wyatt telling her how much he adored her even as he boarded the plane to meet Brown, that was enough for Brown’s fanbase to hate Wyatt for life.

Wyatt still hasn’t given up his dreams of being a famous musician, however. And he appears way more committed to his new girlfriend, Ellen Decker, than he ever did with Brown. Wyatt’s followers got their first look at Decker back in November 2019 when he posted a photo with her on a jetski. And since then, he’s posted a ton of content of her as they spent time together over the holidays and beyond.

“I can’t thank God enough for putting you in my life, Ellen. You are the true definition of a beautiful soul, inside and out,” Wyatt captioned a post back in January 2020. “Thank you for making my birthday so special. I love you, so much and I can’t wait to come see you in the warm weather. … This was such a special birthday. Getting to bring in 26 with some of the most incredible people in the world.”

He just surprised her for Valentine’s Day

We’re not sure if Wyatt would ever go to great lengths to surprise Brown. But he appears totally smitten with Decker, and he even surprised her in Miami for Valentine’s Day.

“Lost sleep preparing for this surprise visit for Valentine’s Day and I couldn’t be more happy with the reaction,” Wyatt captioned the video that he posted to Instagram, which is over 4 minutes. “Happy Valentine’s Day a little early baby.”

In the video itself, Wyatt talked about the surprise, too. “Ellen does not know that I’m coming,” Wyatt says in his video. “We originally had planned to do Valentine’s Day via FaceTime … that’s just kind of how we’ve made our relationship work. You know, we FaceTime all the time. … She doesn’t know that tomorrow I’m landing, and her roommate’s gonna help me out.”

Wyatt then explains how he planned to pull off the big reveal. He stayed in the back of Decker’s roommate’s car after the roommate asked Decker to help her carry something from the vehicle. Once Decker got close to the car, she could see Wyatt hiding.

Wyatt’s Instagram followers have mixed reactions

Hannah Brown and Jed Wyatt on the 'Men Tell All' 'Bachelorette' special
Hannah Brown and Jed Wyatt on the ‘Men Tell All’ ‘Bachelorette’ special | John Fleenor via Getty Images

There are plenty of mixed reactions from fans when it comes to the video. Mike Johnson, another contestant on Brown’s season, commented, “Ugh love is a beauty isn’t she!”

And Dylan Barbour from the same season added, “Look at you sweet beans.”

While Wyatt received other sweet comments, plenty of others bashed him, as they still aren’t over what he did to Brown.

“She knows now dumb——????” one follower asked.

Another wrote, “*was engaged to someone else 6 months ago*.”

Yet another added, “*pretends he’s a good guy*.” And to that, Decker commented back, “oh trust me honey, he is.”

It seems Wyatt and Decker really are in love, and they both seem very happy together. We’re betting we’ll see plenty more of the two of them as their relationship progresses.

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