Jeff Probst Dishes On Which Celebs Would Fail or Flourish on ‘Survivor’

Survivor host Jeff Probst has seen folks from all walks of life on his hit CBS show. People have come to the island with bad attitudes, short fuses, generous temperaments, and painful histories. What brings them all together is the desire to show their mental and physical strength as they scheme and fight for the title of sole survivor. 

But, when it comes to castaways, Probst has always been clear that he doesn’t think a celebrity season should happen. However, that doesn’t keep him from predicting which famous names might make it on the island, and which might fail. 

Which celebs could do well?

Jef Probst sat down with Entertainment Tonight Canada to discuss celebrity Survivor. Which is not to say there’s going to be a celebrity season. This was more like fantasy football, Survivor edition. According to Probst, these celebrities have the skills and charisma it takes to make it on the island. 

When asked about Mariah Carey, Probst’s face lit up. He said, “Oh please, please give us Mariah Carey in this Survivor celebrity season. … I have to say my only encounter with Mariah Carey was sitting on the pane, and they ran out of food, and she was in front of me, and she turned around and said, ‘If you guys would like some of mine, you can have it!’ So she’s only been good to me.” 

Another one of Probst’s possible winners was Dwayne Johnson. “Do you have to ask? I wanna be Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson,” said Probst. “I see him on the side of a bus and I look at that body and I go, ‘Huh?!’ … And he’s likable, and he’s talented, and he kills it on Saturday Night Live. … The Rock is hard to beat. Because he just beats you.”

But, when it comes to celebrities, Probst says there’s one woman who would win the game, hands down. “Oprah. Wow. Could anyone beat Oprah? You gotta think about it — Oprah’s got some weird magic man. Yes, I say Oprah wins. I couldn’t vote out Oprah, I just couldn’t do it,” said the Survivor host.  

These celebs won’t make the cut

But not every celebrity has what it takes to make a successful run at the title of sole survivor. According to Probst, these celebs might have a little trouble.

First on the docket is Neil Patrick Harris. Probst said, “I love Neil. On Survivor, I don’t think he wins, because I don’t think he’s got the social skills he thinks he needs to get to the end. No, I think Neil has had it too good for too long, and somebody is looking to say, ‘Oh brother, look out, because I’m writing NPH right here.’”

Speaking of people getting voted out, Probst thinks Justin Bieber doesn’t stand a chance. He explained, “Justin Bieber has no shot on Survivor. I like Justin Bieber just fine, I don’t have anything against him, but he’s gonna get it handed to him. Because I’m guessing Bieber has too many yes men in his life, and Survivor doesn’t have any time for that.”

And though he might have the charisma, Probst says Ryan Seacrest would never make it. “First of all, there’s no chance Ryan ever does Survivor, I’ve seen his bank account, and you know, I think Seacrest would probably be the first person to say, ‘I’m not quitting, I’m just leaving. My chopper, not yours Probst, that’s my personal chopper, and I’m going. Dwayne “The Rock,” you wanna go? Anyone else wanna go?’” said Probst.

‘Survivor: Island of the Idols’ is coming your way

The newest season of Survivor is headed to television on September 25. The season, named Survivor: Island of the Idols, sees two legendary players coming back to advise those castaways who earn the chance to learn from the best. 

“Boston” Rob Mariano and Sandra Diaz-Twine will be headed to their own beach, where they’ll dole out valuable advice. And, according to Probst, this season’s cast is “lightning,” so expect to see some spectacular play on Survivor: Island of the Idols