‘Black Lightning’: Jefferson Pierce Must Make a ‘Big Sacrifice’ in Season 3

Black Lightning season 3 is coming. And it looks like things won’t be all smooth sailing for Jefferson Pierce, also known as Black Lightning. According to the actor who plays him, Cress Williams, he will be making a “big sacrifice” in the third season of the superhero show.

What will this sacrifice be? For now, it’s anyone’s guess. Yet we’ll know soon enough as Black Lightning is starting up again on October 7th.

Why will Jefferson Pierce of ‘Black Lightning’ need to make a sacrifice?

Cress Williams and Christine Adams promoting 'Black Lighting' at Comic Con 2018
Cress Williams and Christine Adams promoting Black Lightning at Comic Con 2018 | Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

It all has to do with the war with Markovia. At the end of season two, Agent Odell revealed that he knows the Pierces’ secret superhero identities and asked them to fight against Markovia. Jefferson Pierce, wanting to protect his daughters, decides to make some kind of sacrifice.

According to Cress Williams, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, this sacrifice “reveals ‘a little bit more of his angrier side.'” Seeing Jefferson’s anger should be interesting as he, for the most part, is very in control of his emotions. The actor also says that “[the] sacrifice is what really propels [Jefferson] at the beginning of the season.” We wonder what this sacrifice will be.

What could the sacrifice be?

We’re not claiming to know. Only the writers and the actors know what’s going to happen in season 3 of Black Lightning. However, it’s fun to speculate on what could happen. Based on the trailer for season 3, it looks like Jefferson and his ex-wife Lynn are locked up in some type of government facility.

Perhaps the ASA is experimenting on Jefferson, attempting to find out how he got his powers so maybe they can duplicate it to help fight Markovia. Or maybe they’re experimenting on him to create some sort of weapon to use in the war. Whatever this sacrifice is, Jefferson doesn’t seem too happy about it in the trailer. It also seems like Agent Odell is almost trying to get Jefferson angry.

What else might Jefferson Pierce sacrifice?

Cress Williams told Entertainment Weekly that the Pierce family is “disjointed.” In fact, they aren’t spending as much time together as they usually do, at least in the beginning of the season. While filming an episode, Williams said that certain family members only had their first scenes together in around episode 4. That’s a definite difference from the previous seasons.

According to the actor, this “disjointed” nature of the Pierce family is due to “different focuses that they have and different motivations that they have” regarding the war with Markovia. This separation might be heartbreaking for fans if the family gets too torn apart. It seems likely, however, that they will work things out in the end. Somehow they always do.

Jefferson Pierce of Black Lightning, as well as his daughters Anissa Pierce/Thunder and Jennifer Pierce/Lightning, will be in for a rude awakening during the beginning of season 3. We can only hope that in the end, Black Lightning, Thunder, and Lightning will save the day. Most likely they will, however it might be more difficult to do so. And Jefferson might not be the only one making sacrifices this season.