Jenelle Evans and David Eason Allegedly Told Maryssa Eason to Lie to CPS

Maryssa Eason, the 11-year-old daughter that David Eason shares with this ex-wife, Whitney Johnson, is allegedly the state’s star witness in the family’s ongoing custody battle. The preteen took the stand twice this week. The Ashley Reality Group alleges Maryssa was called to the stand on both Tuesday and Thursday to share her thoughts on the living situation. While much of what she has said during the court proceedings is being kept quiet, one giant bombshell has emerged from the young girl’s testimony. She reportedly told the court that she was instructed to lie if CPS ever showed up at the family’s home.

David and Jenelle reportedly coached the 11-year-old to lie

According to The Hollywood Gossip, both Jenelle Evans and David Eason instructed the 11-year-old to lie about the conditions inside the home. Police and CPS have been regularly involved with the family for years. Apparently, CPS has been called on the parents a staggering number of times, and 25 calls to 911 were placed either from the home or about the household in the past 12 months.

Along with being instructed to lie, Maryssa reportedly recounted what happened the day she and Ensley were removed from the home. Allegedly, Eason and Evans packed up both kids and moved them to a friend’s home to ensure they weren’t on the property when the authorities showed up.

The kids were later moved into an approved placement without incident. Kaiser, 4, had been removed from the house the previous week. Kaiser’s paternal grandmother was instructed to pick up the 4-year-old directly from his preschool.

Shocking allegations are being levied against both Evans and Eason

While Maryssa’s testimony is allegedly proving invaluable to the state, several more secrets have been exposed about the troubled couple’s home life. Ever since news of Nugget’s death broke in May, fans have been given a fresh and often horrifying look inside the daily life of the Easons. A Twitter account has shared several photos of holes punched into the walls of the home, and 911 call transcripts have been released to the media.

The children were also reportedly subjected to regular screaming matches between Eason and Evans. Filthy conditions inside the home have also been reported by the authorities and witnesses.

The allegations against Jenelle Evans and David Eason are nothing new

The allegations of neglect and abuse are nothing new, though. In 2017, Barbara Evans allegedly told Radar Online that David and Jenelle punished the children by locking them out of the house. During one instance, both Jace and Kaiser were locked out of the house in 100-degree weather as a punishment.

A video believed to have been filmed by Evans herself surfaced in the days after Nugget’s death, as well. The footage shows Eason threatening to kill the person filming him. He is then seen flipping off the camera before walking into another room. The calmness of the person filming the video suggests the outburst was not uncommon.