Jenelle Evans and David Eason Take Aim At Ex, Olivia Leedham

While Jenelle Evans and David Eason’s heated custody battle for three of their children made headlines for months, there has been a much quieter battle going on behind the scenes. Apparently, Eason has been fighting his ex, Olivia Leedham, for custody of the five-year-old son they share. On Aug. 28, Leedham reached out to the community via Facebook to ask for assistance. Just a day later, Evans and Eason took to GoFundMe and the media to launch a smear campaign against Leedham. It looks like the battle is getting very ugly, very quickly. 

Eason and Evans allegedly want custody of the 5-year-old

Shortly after Leedham posted her GoFundMe campaign to Facebook, Evans took to social media to smear the mother of two. She’s accused Leedham of being an “alcoholic, cheater and abuser.” Evans and Eason both went on to suggest they were “concerned” for the safety of the child. 

Jenelle Evans and David Eason
Janelle Evans and David Eason | Photo by Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

Along with allegations about Leedham on social media, the couple posted their own fundraising campaign. It included a lengthy diatribe. In it, Evans argued that the child is moved from “home to home” every two months and is forced to call random men “daddy.” The pair went on to ask fans to fund their legal team so that they could fight for custody, according to Radar Online

The campaign has since been completed. Eason and Evans raised a paltry $135 while the campaign was collecting donations. The fact that they had to utilize GoFundMe to attempt to raise cash, however, raises serious alarm bells about their financial well-being. Fans have long surmised that the couple would struggle financially without Teen Mom 2

Leedham is pleading for help from the online community 

Olivia Leedham is begging the online community to help her protect her son from his father. In a length GoFundMe bio, Leedham noted that she has been battling Eason in court ever since her son was born. She noted that her goal is to keep him away from Kaden because she fears he is unstable and that the boy could be exposed to violence. 

Many of you know this has been a long hard road. I’m finally reaching out for help. Let’s get through this together. If…

Posted by Olivia Leedham on Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Leedham went on to explain that she and the father of her daughter have a custody agreement outside of court, in an attempt to prove she is neither vindictive nor bitter. She went on to insist that she’s only thinking about Kaden’s well-being and noted that the young boy does not want to see his father. 

I CANT BELIEVE IT!! Everyone we met our goal!!! We reached our goal in a little over 24 hours!!! I want to give thanks…

Posted by Olivia Leedham on Thursday, August 29, 2019

Leedham’s campaign has raised $5,600 so far, although many of the comments and donations seem to be under falsified names. One commenter noted that donations received under fake names do not go to the needy party. 

Leedham has had a restraining order against Eason 

While Evans took to social media to attack Leedham’s character, she has little proof of anything she alleges has gone on or is currently happening in the home. Leedham, on the other hand, has had a restraining order against Eason in the past. 

In fact, an old restraining order protected both Leedham and her young son from Eason. According to The Ashley Reality Roundup Group, the order was granted shortly after Kaden’s birth. Eason allegedly pushed Leedham while pregnant. In a separate incident, he left her stranded in the middle of the road at night. She was heavily pregnant at the time. 

Eason was arrested at least once for violating the order. In 2017 Leedham allowed some contact between Kaden and Eason but went back to court in 2018 to ask the judge to reinstate the order of protection for Kaden. Leedham noted Eason’s propensity towards violence as the reason to restrict contact.