Jenelle Evans and David Eason Win Their Custody Battle, But Appeals Might be Underway

In a shocking turn of events, Jenelle Evans and David Eason have regained custody of their three children. Initially, the case was expected to take months, but weeks ago a new judge was brought into the mix. The new judge quickly moved to dismiss everything. The outcome allegedly hinged on a lack of evidence provided by CPS. While Evans and Eason are reportedly thrilled to have won the battle, the joy might be short-lived. It is believed that appeals are already in the works.

A Judge ordered all three of the children to be handed over by the 4th of July

The judged ordered all three children to be returned to Evans and Eason by July 4. The couple allegedly picked up Ensley, 2, from Barbara Evans just hours after the verdict was announced.

Kaiser, 5, has been residing with his father, Nathan Griffith since he was removed from the home on May 10. He reportedly will be handed over during the afternoon of July 4. Griffith was allegedly ordered to resume his supervised visitation schedule, although the fitness trainer and model is still fighting for custody of his son. Griffith has alleged Eason has abused the young boy in the past and is concerned about him being placed back in the home.

Maryssa Eason, 11, testified against both Eason and Evans. Eason shares Maryssa with his ex-wife, Whitney Johnson. Maryssa was being cared for by her maternal grandmother during the court proceedings. Maryssa allegedly told the judge that she was instructed to lie to CPS if they ever came to the home. She is also expected to return to “the land” during the holiday weekend.

Barbara Evans has spoken about the outcome

Barbara Evans, 68, has had custody of Ensley for the last two months. She also has had custody of Jace, 9, since he was a baby. The famous grandmother allegedly spoke with Radar Online shortly after the decision was made. She reportedly claims a grave injustice has been done to the children and is concerned about the kids now that they are back in the home full time.

The elder Evans also alleges Eason started a fight when they showed up at her doorstep to retrieve Ensley and Jace for a weekend visit. Jace, reportedly, refused to go with the couple, and David started screaming and carrying on.

Evans and Eason left without the 9-year-old boy, but weekend visitations were reinstated by the judge. He will eventually be forced to visit with his mother and stepfather, regardless of how he feels about it.

Appeals are expected

While a judge may have made a decision, that doesn’t mean the case is completely over. The children will be returned to the North Carolina home, but its possible appeals will be filed. According to Reality Blurb, CPS is planning to appeal the decision almost immediately.

The elder Evans and Griffith will also have a chance to appeal the decision, or to file new paperwork in an attempt to get custody of the children that were formerly in their care. Griffith has been fighting to gain custody of Kaiser for well over a year, and this decision doesn’t prevent him from continuing the fight.

Maryssa’s fate is also unknown. It’s possible her mother and stepfather will fight to gain custody of the 11-year-old. Johnson lost custody of the girl in 2017, but her current husband has spoken out in her defense. He noted that they would eventually explore their options.