Jenelle Evans Believes Her Kids are In Danger at Barbara Evans’ House

Jenelle Evans and David Eason might have put their difference aside with the rest of the family to enjoy Kaiser’s fifth birthday party, but it seems like the moment the candles were blown out, the feud was right back on. Jenelle and David are allegedly kicking up a fuss over Ensley Eason’s temporary placement. They claim the two-year-old is not safe in the care of Barbara Evans. At least, they don’t think she is as long as Colin Evans is still residing on the property

Jenelle Evans and her brother have a history of bad blood

Jenelle and her older brother have never seemed to see eye-to-eye, but that’s nothing new with Jenelle. She also has a longstanding feud with her sister Ashleigh. It appears, however, that the issues between Jenelle and her older brother are much more intense than mere sibling rivalry. Colin took to Facebook to denounce his sister’s book when it was first published. More recently, the mother of three has begun using Colin’s presence in Barbara’s home as a reason why her kids don’t belong there.

According to TMZ, both Jenelle and David believe that Ensley,2, and Jace, 9, are in danger simply by being around Colin. They note multiple calls to police as evidence that the home is unstable. They also reportedly believe that their home is inherently safer than Barbara’s, simply because of Colin’s residency.

Colin Evans has called police eight times since February

Colin has apparently been busy calling the police since February 2019. The calls began just a few months before Jenelle’s children were removed from her home. Eight calls have been received by police dispatchers that involve Colin in some way. It appears the majority of the calls were placed by Colin to report suspicious activity.

Colin allegedly has called the police to report stalkers, people lurking on the property and, reportedly, an individual taking pictures of the family home. Jenelle and David, on the other hand, were involved in 25 emergency calls over the last 12 months. Of those 25 calls, several were for domestic violence incidents or wellness checks on the family.

Is Colin Evans suffering from a mental health crisis?

Colin’s actual diagnosis has never been revealed, but there seems to be a lot of chatter about what is actually going on with the 30-year-old North Carolina native. In Jenelle’s memoir, Read Between the Lines, the mother of three discussed the challenges of growing up with a “developmentally challenged” sibling. She also shared that the elder Evans sibling was sent away as a boy to live in a group home. Apparently, he set the family house ablaze by accident, prompting Barbara to find a therapeutic living environment.

Barbara Evans later opened up about raising Colin in an interview with People. She noted that Colin had been in and out of mental health facilities from the time he was just six years old. Barbara did not reveal what the working diagnosis for Colin is. She did reveal that Colin is currently receiving disability, and he has come out to allege he has PTSD.

Over the last two years, Colin has taken to Facebook to share different tales, each seemingly more concerning than the next.  In January 2019 the 30-year-old posted a picture of his hand with a cut on it. He told Facebook users that he had removed an RFID chip from his palm. In February 2019 Colin was back on Facebook claiming to have a deadly infection. In March he waxed on emotionally about wanting to find love, according to Starcasm.