Jenelle Evans Claims She Doesn’t Control Her Social Media Accounts at ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion

It looks like Teen Mom 2 fans are getting their last taste of Jenelle Evans, and her appearance on the reunion special was a doozy. Jenelle noted that she was reluctant to show up to the taping, and there seems to have been a good reason why. Nessa Diab approached the mother-of-three about her commentary on Colin Kaepernick’s Nike campaign. That’s when things started to quickly unravel, but Jenelle dropped a bombshell that still has fans picking their jaws up off the floor. The North Carolina native alleges she has no control over her social media accounts.

Jenelle alleges she never saw the Facebook screenshot Nessa pulled up

Jenelle’s a reality TV star, but that doesn’t mean she’s a good actress. The MTV bad girl attempted to act as though she had no idea what Nessa was trying to get at, but most fans agree that Jenelle was visibly uncomfortable as soon as the word social media came out of Nessa’s mouth.

It could be that Jenelle simply felt ambushed, but she insisted she had never seen the post that Nessa was referring to. The screenshot clearly showed Jenelle’s name attached to the posting. When Nessa wouldn’t hear Jenelle’s excuses, the disgraced starlet bounced off the stage, screaming about how Nessa was bringing up a personal issue when the reunion was supposed to focus on her storyline from the previous season.

So, who is actually controlling Jenelle’s social media?

Jenelle may have been telling a half-truth when she claimed she has no control over her social media. The Ashley notes that Jenelle and the rest of the Teen Mom 2 cast don’t control some of their social media postings. Apparently, a private company is contracted out to fill the cast members’ feeds with links to relevant articles and information. If you take a hop through any of the cast member’s Facebook or Twitter pages you’ll note a ton of links. Those posts are allegedly controlled by an off-site company. The written posts are still directly controlled by the moms in question, apparently.

Nessa, however, wasn’t referring to the links that are so commonly seen on the cast members’ feeds. She was referring directly to a written post that, by all accounts, Jenelle does have complete control over.

Is Jenelle lying to save her image?

Most fans just don’t’ believe Jenelle’s story. Evans has been a prolific social media poster. In fact, the vast majority of her online presence has been picked apart for years. If the troubled star isn’t controlling those accounts, why hasn’t she fired the person who is?

Jenelle went on to allege that the comments do not reflect how she feels. If that’s true how did the comment get on her page? It is unlikely that a media company would post something so controversial, given the nature of the campaign. Fans are left to assume that either Jenelle is lying or David Eason somehow controls Jenelle’s page. Neither assumption makes Jenelle look good.