Jenelle Evans Hints at an Upcoming Bombshell on Twitter

Jenelle Evans has seemingly gone all-in on self-destruction, and she is executing it on social media now that MTV has pulled the plug on her Teen Mom 2 involvement. In the last week, the mother of three has taken to Instagram and Twitter to denounce anyone who speaks badly of her Husband, David Eason. Now she’s taking aim at her own family members. In the last 48 hours, she has thrown shade at both her mother and her sister and alleged there is a lot of dirt she’s going to be dropping, as soon as she can.

Jenelle Evans is back on Twitter

Evans’ break from social media was short lived. While the former Teen Mom 2 star took a step back from Twitter shortly after she was fired by MTV, she’s ramped up her usage over the last seven days. While the mother of three might be trying desperately to stay relevant, all she is managing to do is further alienate her former fan base. Now, the 28-year-old North Carolina native is hinting at a forthcoming bombshell, and fans believe she’s planning to drop dirt on Barbara Evans.

Evans told fans that she would share what she needed to say as soon as she was allowed to, but the comment was referencing a fan who noted how Barbara has always been in her corner. Evans doesn’t agree with the sentiment, at all. She has been speaking out against her mother a lot over the last couple of weeks. In fact, her defamation of the 68-year-old grandmother reached a fever pitch once Barbara was awarded temporary custody of Ensley, 2. Barbara has been caring for Jenelle’s oldest son, Jace, 9, pretty much since birth.

What could be going on?

Jenelle alleged she would be calling CPS on her own family last week. The mother of three shared the news via Instagram after a particularly heated argument outside of court on June 4th. The debate occurred between Barbara and Jenelle. TMZ filmed the dispute and Jenelle can very clearly be heard saying that the new judge preceding over the case wasn’t “happy” with Barbara.

According to Floor 8, Jenelle took issue with pictures and videos of Ensley posted by her brother, Colin. Colin currently resides in Barbara’s house. The eldest Evans apparently has a history of mental health struggles, but he’s also feuded with his younger sister. According to reports, Jenelle is taking issue with Colin being involved with her children. Some fans think this alleged news has something to do with that fractured relationship or Colin’s involvement with Ensley and Jace.

This isn’t the first time Jenelle has gone after her mother

Evans has a pretty long history of trying to defame her mother. David and Jenelle were ordered to leave Barbara’s property in 2017 after they followed her home from a restaurant. The pair attempted to tape Barbara drinking while out to dinner. They proceeded to bang on the door for well over an hour before Barbara called the authorities because they were scaring Jace.

The incident occurred while Jenelle was fighting to regain custody of Jace. A custody agreement was made in October 2017, but Barbara retained legal custody of the child. Now, Barbara has custody of the child Jenelle shares with David, and it seems like the gloves are off. The mother-daughter duo seemed to have found common ground early in 2019, but it didn’t take long for problems to arise again. Barbara was also ousted from Teen Mom 2 when the production house fired Jenelle. Fans have been clamoring to have her returned to the regular cast.