Jenelle Evans is Angry About MTV Filming Amber Portwood’s Legal Drama

It seems like Jenelle Evans is still feeling salty over getting the ax from MTV. The mother of three has been spending plenty of time online in recent weeks trying to prove that she’s a great mother, but she interrupted her campaign to throw shade at her former employer for deciding to keep the cameras rolling on Amber Portwood. In fact, it looks like Evans is steaming mad over the entire situation. Fans, however, seem to think she’s just a little jealous and desperate to get her paycheck back.

What is Jenelle saying on Twitter?

Jenelle took to Twitter to call out the production house behind Teen Mom 2 for their decision to film Amber Portwood’s legal journey. The former reality TV star apparently believes her court battle over her children was a “positive” situation, while Portwood’s situation is negative. She stated; “wow, could of filmed at my court case that was completely dismissed… but no instead go film the drama of a person that attacks others with weapons. Don’t film the positive though.” She has since deleted the tweet.

The Teen Mom 2 crew had long refused to film Evans as long as her husband, David Eason was in the vicinity. In her last season with the show, their filming scheduled was compromised several times thanks to Eason threatening to show up.

Evans even took the opportunity to suggest Portwood is more dangerous that Eason, even though several 911 calls about Eason were released to the public. In one call, Evans tells a dispatcher that Eason broke the door to the family’s home and was stomping around with a gun.

MTV’s production team has been spotted at Amber’s court hearings

TMZ spied cameras following Amber Portwood into an Indiana courthouse on July 25. While cameras are not allowed in the actual courtroom, they were permitted to film in the hallway. The July 25 hearing was just the latest in what is expected to be a lengthy court process. Her Teen Mom OG castmates were there to show support.

The mother of two has been charged with three felonies, according to Fox News. The incident occurred on July 5, after Portwood and her then-boyfriend Andrew Glennon got into a heated argument over fireworks. Glennon texted 911 after Portwood attacked him with a shoe, then allegedly went after him with a machete

Portwood was taken into custody that evening. Glennon originally had a no-contact order issued for himself and for the couple’s 1-year-old son, James. The order has since been lifted, allowing Portwood supervised visits with the baby

Will MTV ever rehire Jenelle?

MTV stood by Jenelle through plenty of drama. They continued filming when Evans was arrested on drug charges. MTV even kept the cameras rolling through her custody battle with her mother, Barbara Evans. They continued to shoot with the mother of three after she pulled a gun during a road rage incident. Eason allegedly killing the family dog was the last straw.

To be fair, MTV only decided to officially fire Evans after news of Nugget’s death broke, but apparently, the writing had been on the wall for months. The complicated filming schedule and Eason’s meddling made Evans a liability to the company. Once sponsors began dropping the show in the wake of Nugget’s death, the only answer was to send Evans packing.

If Evans is hoping to get back on Teen Mom 2, it’s probably not going to happen. At least, the production company won’t entertain her as long as she is married to Eason. The gun-toting father of three is too much trouble for the crew. MTV isn’t the only company that feels that way, though. It seems like Evans has been blacklisted from Hollywood entirely.