Jenelle Evans Just Can’t Say Anything Right: Fans are Furious with the Former Reality TV Star, Again

You would think that ten years on reality television would have taught Jenelle a thing or two. Namely, fans are wondering why the disgraced mother of three hasn’t yet learned when to shut up. Evans has been outraging fans for years, but she’s ramped up her shenanigans since the May 2019 death of her dog, Nugget, and the fall out that came along with it. Now, Evans is turning everyone into her enemy, and fans are fuming about how she’s treating Barbara Evans.

Jenelle referred to her mother as her ‘biggest enemy’ on Twitter

Jenelle doesn’t have many fans left. In fact, most people who follow the mother of three do so to hate on her. When one unsuspecting fan reached out with words of support, Evans couldn’t seem to help herself. Most people would simply thank the fan and move on, but she instead told the supporter that Barbara Evans is actually her biggest enemy, not her supporter.

Teen Mom 2 viewers just couldn’t take it anymore and commented in droves about the tweet. Several Twitter users pointed out that Barbara has been pretty selfless in this whole mess, and is currently in the process of raising two of Jenelle’s children. Reddit fans have long suggested that both Ensley and Jace would have ended up in the foster care system, living with veritable strangers if it wasn’t for Barbara.

Jenelle, however, doesn’t seem interested in hearing anything people have to say about Barbara, or her husband, David Eason. Fans have watched helplessly as Evans flounders through a clearly abusive relationship. They’ve demanded that she sees that her biggest enemy is, in fact, her husband. But the former TV star cannot be reasoned with.

Why is Evans so mad at her mother?

It’s hard to ascertain precisely why Jenelle is angry with Barbara, but it seems like the beef goes back much further than her current custody situation. The North Carolina native has been pretty open about her distaste and distrust of her mother. During an earlier custody battle, Jenelle and David followed Barbara from a restaurant to her home and proceeded to pound on the door for over an hour before the police were called.

Allegedly, the pair were attempting to gather evidence that showed the elder Evans drinking and driving. More recently, Jenelle has battled with her mother in front of the courthouse. What she’s so mad about seems unclear, but most fans think Evans might be mad that Barbara refuses to lie for her daughter in court. Several witnesses were called to the stand during Jenelle’s custody hearing, and they seemingly all testified that the home is not a safe or stable environment for children.

Jenelle and Barbara Evans
Jenelle Evans and her mother Barbara Evans | Photo by KeithJMA/Star Max/GC Images

Jenelle has also claimed that her mother is more invested in her brother, Colin, and sister, Ashleigh than she is in Jenelle. The teen mom made the statement shortly after her June 4 court hearing but had previously echoed the sentiment in her memoir, Read Between the Lines.