Jenelle Evans or Farrah Abraham: Which ‘Teen Mom’ Triggers Fans the Most?

Teen Mom is one of “those” shows. A guilty pleasure show, one that’s filled to the brim with polarizing reality stars that viewers just love to hate. Sure, fans of the show have their favorites, but some of the moms are also talking walking triggers.

Out of all of the women who have made an appearance, there are two who are constantly popping up in headlines over controversial issues — Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham.

The competition is fierce between the two, but only one can take the crown for the mom who works fans up the most. 

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans | John Lamparski/Getty Images for Indonesian Diversity

Is Jenelle Evans the most triggering?

Oh, Evans. What hasn’t this teen mom been through since being cast on MTV’s 16 and pregnant? If you think the most recent additions to her rap sheet are shocking, you don’t know Evans. Within the last few months, the reality star’s name has been plastered all over the tabloids for an insane variety of things. 

Her pitbull took down some adorable baby chicks — a side effect of her and her ex-hubby David Eason trying to run a homestead. Eason ended up shooting and killing her bulldog after he witnessed the four-legged friend snapping at their baby girl.

In fact, Eason has been so problematic that his existence not only screwed with the shows filming schedule but resulted in Evans being booted from the Teen Moms franchise.

During her time in the spotlight, Evans has been an arrested 15 times. Charges include possession of paraphernalia, possession of heroin, assault, and driving without a license. What’s impressive is that she didn’t serve a drop of time for any of them. Even so, her long rap sheet and most recent run-ins with the legal system has ultimately caused MTV to cut ties with her. 

Even without being a member of the cast, Evans continues to trigger fans thanks to her less than favorable comments about her mother and children. 

Or does Farrah Abraham annoy fans the most?

Sure, Evans has made a few comments that have annoyed mothers around the globe, but it’s Abraham who loses out on the “best mom award’ every year. The young mom has been making bad parenting decisions ever since giving birth to her mini-me, Sophia. Not surprising considering Abraham has one of the weirdest approaches to motherhood ever to grace Hollywood.

For one, Sophia isn’t allowed to style herself. Since she lives her life on camera, Abraham’s stylist is responsible for ensuring Sophia is always camera ready. Instead of giving Sophia a chance to develop her own taste and a bit of independence … Abraham would rather ensure she’s always prepared for a photo op.

But while the former teen mom is taking away independence in one aspect, she’s giving her a whole lot of it in others. Sophia is allowed to watch, read, and play whatever she wants regardless of parental ratings.

She also has her own social media accounts. While Abraham says she manages them for her pre-teen daughter, the reality stars hands-off approach makes fans not so sure. After all, she talks about her daughter as if there isn’t the tiniest bit of blood between them. 

“She has her own life and is doing her own thing, and I’m doing mine.” – Farrah Abraham 

Crazy since little Sophia was only four at the time of this comment. Since then, the parental rift has only grown with Abraham retaining the POV that she is an excellent parent.  

Which ‘Teen Mom’ triggers fans the most? 

In Abraham’s case, things are so bad that fans are pleading with her to take up the torch and be a real mom to her impressionable daughter. Those are the fans who are sympathetic. There is an entirely different sector of fans who have taken their bashing to the next level.

Abraham has garnered so much hate, that the internet is now starting to focus their sights on Sophia! How awful do you have to be to inspire people to spew insults about a young child?

In Evan’s case, fans were ecstatic about her being fired. She was always looked at as a walking dumpster fire and is constantly digging herself deeper with controversial commentary on everything from her kids to the network.

While Evans has her own sea of haters to contend with, Abraham is probably more triggering. After all, she’s still in “control” of her kid’s life — A hot topic that stirs up tons of emotions among fans and haters alike. Oh, and in case you didn’t know. She may have even alienated an entire culture with some of her recent Instagram content.