Jenelle Evans Used Joy-Anna Duggar’s Pregnancy Announcement as Clickbait

Jenelle Evans has had a pretty rough few months. Between getting booted from Teen Mom 2 and fighting to regain custody of her kids, her life has been pretty tumultuous. While things have seemingly quieted down from the former reality TV star, that doesn’t mean she isn’t kicking up the drama on her own. In a recent Instagram post, she stole a photo of Joy-Anna Duggar’s pregnancy announcement to use as clickbait, and fans are furious.

Fans are accusing Jenelle of being insensitive

A couple of days ago, Jenelle shared a snapshot of a sonogram photo. Captioning the photo “so excited to announce…”, she invited fans to click the link in her bio to find out more. The link took fans to a US Magazine article about the cutest pregnancy announcement of 2019. While the mother of three has been accused of clickbait in the past, this particular example sent fans into a rage. 

The photo that Jenelle picked to include is easily identifiable as Joy-Anna Duggar’s pregnancy announcement. Duggar’s announcement is included in the Us Magazine round-up and is easily recognizable in the picture by the sleeve of her shirt. Evans, however, cropped the photo not to include Duggar and her husband’s faces.

Jenelle’s Instagram post was in poor taste

While Evans turned off comments on the Instagram post, fans have taken to Reddit to discuss how ridiculous the entire situation is. Not only is the post clearly clickbait, but it’s also incredibly insensitive. Stealing someone’s sonogram photo for your financial gain is shady, in and of itself, but Duggar announced that she suffered a late-term miscarriage less than a month ago.

Evans has since swapped the Duggar’s photo with a stock photo of a pregnancy test. Evans has also turned off comments on the post and several others.  It is believed that she has taken to sharing links on Instagram and Twitter because she gets paid each time a user clicks on the link. Evans and her team have never confirmed that, though.

Evans’ financial situation has been speculated on for months. Without her MTV paycheck, some fans have wondered how quickly the mother of three will run out of money. She’s also taken to posting videos on YouTube and even set up a Twitch account. Both endeavors are most likely efforts to bring in some form of income.

Joy-Anna and Austin lost their daughter five months into their pregnancy

Duggar and her husband of two years, Austin Forsyth announced their second pregnancy on May 1, 2019, via Instagram. The announcement featured the smiling couple holding up an ultrasound photo. Things seemed to be progressing normally, but on July 3 they shared sad news with their fans; at their 20-week anatomy scan, it was discovered that their daughter no longer had a heartbeat.

Fans rallied around the couple as they grieved the loss of their daughter. The loss is still fresh for the couple, but Duggar has returned to Instagram to share snapshots of her life with Forsyth and their son, Gideon. Roughly one month after the loss, Duggar shared that while she is healing, she misses her daughter and what could have been.