Jenelle Evans Won’t be Appearing on ‘Marriage Bootcamp’ According to We TV

The drama doesn’t stop for Jenelle Evans. Just a couple of days after receiving her walking papers from MTV, rumors swirled that the former Teen Mom 2 star would appear on We TV’s Marriage Bootcamp. Some fans were overjoyed that Evans would be back on their television screens, but many other viewers were incensed that not only was Jenelle being offered another platform, but David Eason would be right by her side. We TV, however, insists it isn’t going to happen. In fact, it is starting to look like Evans is reality TV pariah, at least as long as she remains with David Eason.

What really prompted MTV to fire Jenelle?

MTV had asserted that they decided to fire Jenelle long before Eason killed the family dog, but it looks like the loss of several sponsors really prompted the final call.  The production company began filming with Jenelle’s co-stars in early April, but they had not gotten around to working with Jenelle. Some of that may have been related to their inability to schedule filming with the 16 and Pregnant alum while Eason was out of sight.

The production company hadn’t been in North Carolina in months, opting instead to work with Jenelle via Facetime. Now, it looks like they won’t have to try at all to make it work. With sponsors dropping the show, and Jenelle back in the home with the alleged animal killer, it was an easy call. Jenelle Evans is out, but does that mean she’s going to be gone from TV entirely?

TMZ claims there is a contract for the former Teen Mom star with We TV

In the wake of Jenelle’s firing from Teen Mom 2, rumors swirled that the mother of three would be back on TV. Several outlets began to report that she had been approached by We TV to join the ranks of Marriage Bootcamp participants. TMZ reported that the couple was tapped for the program. It is even rumored she took a meeting in New York regarding the opportunity.

The celebrity gossip outlet followed up their news with some new information.TMZ now alleges that Marriage Bootcamp will only work with Jenelle and David if he submits to a psychological evaluation. The gun-totting loose cannon has been a real concern to the MTV production team in the past. Evans castmates have also spoken out against Eason. If We TV is requiring a mental health check prior to signing the team on, it would appear they are concerned, too.

We TV insists that Evans is not joining their show

While several media outlets seem pretty sure Evans is working with We TV, the network has released a statement. They have informed fans that they have absolutely no plans to feature Evans or Eason on their upcoming season. They did not address rumors that the pair had been tapped for the show in the past. Right now, though, there are no plans to bring the troubled couple to TV screens again.

We TV is no stranger to controversial figures, though. The network picked up June ‘Mama June’ Shannon after she was ousted from her TLC reality show. Shannon’s show was canceled after it was revealed she was spending time with a convicted child molester. We TV later picked up the family so they could follow Shannon’s weight loss journey. Shannon was arrested recently on drug charges. She is still featured on the network.