Jenna Jameson Shares Holiday Diet Secrets. Here’s How to Set Your Own Health Goals This New Year

Jenna Jameson
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Jenna Jameson has been vocal about her struggle with weight loss. She shared with her fans she’s been on a ketogenic diet and has spoken about how effective it is for losing and maintaining weight. Jameson lost 80 pounds by following the keto diet, which emphasizes eating a low carbohydrate, high fat, and moderate protein diet. The former adult film star gave advice on Instagram for how to stick with your diet during the holidays.

If you’re having your own diet struggles, you’re probably looking for ways to stick with your plan. The Cheat Sheet spoke with Monica Auslander Moreno, MS, RD, LD/N, a nutrition consultant for RSP Nutrition. Here’s her advice for setting—and sticking to–your health goals for the New Year.

Stop the social media envy

Everywhere on social media, you’ll find people’s portrayals of their fantastic farcical lives (and abs). You don’t see the perfect couple’s fights, or the person with the chiseled abs who has a disordered eating background. Social media can create unrealistic and sad “realities” for what your body should look like and do. Create your own reality. Focus on your strengths and successes. Mute any account that makes you feel anything but amused or inspired. In fact, consider getting off social media entirely for a certain amount of time.

Get in touch with your true hunger and practice intuitive eating

Jenna Jameson
Jenna Jameson | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Intuitive eating is an effective philosophy for weight normalization and learning to honor hunger and fullness. It’s a book, but also an intense philosophy to learn and can take months (or years) to master. However, many registered dietitians will tell you that it changed/saved their lives. If you find yourself constantly dieting, if there are foods you would never allow yourself to have, if you are constantly hungry, or constantly dissatisfied with meals, it’s time to look into intuitive eating.

Take small steps

Don’t set lofty goals that will be difficult to materialize; you’ll feel defeated and disappointed in yourself. Be realistic. Set small, achievable, timely, and specific health goals. Things like “I’m going to eat two pieces of fruit per day for the month of January” and then creating an action plan for that (“I’m going to Instacart in 14 fruits every Sunday at 5 pm”) will feel much more empowering than “I’m going to lose 30 pounds by March.”

Stick to science

Every three seconds you’ll see a digital ad or hear a friend/colleague dish about a new product, a new diet, or a new herb that will cure everything from athlete’s foot to cancer. Some of these claims and products are largely marketing. We always consult literature, other experts, and our own clinical experience before we recommend a dietary intervention or even a specific food product. We love the idea of eating/moving closer to the likes of generations past; many plants, some well-raised animal products, few processed foods, and a lot of movement/walking.

Monica Auslander Moreno, MS, RDN is the founder of Essence Nutrition, a group practice of registered dietitians in Miami.

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