Jenna Johnson Says Karamo Brown Would ‘Queer Eye’ The Cast Of ‘DWTS’

Jenna Johnson-Chmerkovskiy felt a special connection with Karamo Brown from the get-go. 

Before they could share with the world that they were going to be Dancing With the Stars partners, Johnson and Brown enjoyed some quality time in Maui getting to know each other–the calm before the storm.

“We weren’t allowed to announce who are partners were leading up to the premier but Karamo and I actually went to Maui together–not for fun, I wish–he was working out there and I got to tag along. We got to go to dinner every night together, I’d go with him and his fianceé, and we just had the best time and I really got to know him in those few days that we had,” Johnson told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. 

“It was off-camera, we were just by ourselves… I really loved those moments before all of the chaos was about to go down. That’s one of my favorite memories, sharing that trip together,” she added. 

Why Jenna Johnson and Karamo Brown worked so well together

When they finally began rehearsing, Johnson says she quickly realized how good of a pair she and Brown made. 

“What you see with Karamo is what you get. He’s so enthusiastic and he’s really welcoming and inviting and I think he genuinely cares about getting to know each person he comes in contact with.  So I immediately felt that with him when we first met. I think that our personalities meshed really well together. We don’t take things too seriously, we love to laugh together, and I think it created a really spectacular friendship. I think people could read the energy on and off-air,” she said. 

You can take Karamo Brown off of the ‘Queer Eye’ set but you can’t take the ‘Queer Eye’ out of Karamo Brown

Queer Eye fans are probably pleased to learn that Brown is the same Karamo we see on the Netflix makeover show even when he’s not filming. Johnson says, in true Karamo fashion, that her partner helped her realize she could be a little better at accepting compliments. 

“He helped me with the struggle of receiving compliments from other people, especially loved ones. I never had been told that I had a hard time doing that but it’s really true. That was a really great moment for me to reflect and be like ‘Oh wow.’ I think just hearing it from him and just trusting that he knows what he’s doing in that field, I accepted it and was willing to be like ‘Wow, I do need to work on this.’ So that was a little Karamo moment that I received,” she said. 

Karamo Brown | David Livingston/Getty Images
Karamo Brown | David Livingston/Getty Images

But Brown didn’t work his Queer Eye magic on just Johnson. The professional dancer says her partner would “Karamo a lot of people.”  

“I also watched him Karamo a lot of people, especially on the cast. It was great to see him do that because I felt like I was watching an episode of ‘Qeer Eye,’ just a live version of it,” she shared. 

Jenna is proud of the work she and Karamo put in

Unfortunately, Brown and Johnson were eliminated from Dancing With The Stars last night. Johnson says she wouldn’t have done anything differently if she could go back in time. In fact, Johnson says that both she and Karamo are pretty happy today.  

“I feel actually really happy today,” she said. “Karamo and I are in great spirits. I think we had a fantastic night last night. So I’m really just happy and content.”

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