Jennifer Aniston Claims ‘The Morning Show’ Isn’t About Matt Lauer

Anyone who has watched the news in the last 12 months knows that Matt Lauer was ousted from his prestigious position hosting a national morning show when allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced. Lauer’s firing was high-profile. It left his cohosts and fans reeling. Now, almost two years after Lauer was banished from the news world, his story is serving as the backdrop of a brand new drama, or is it? To hear Jennifer Aniston tell it, The Morning Show isn’t just about Lauer. Still, it’s clear his story and the stories of his victims have profoundly influenced the streaming drama.  

The Morning Show’s inaugural season will deal with sexual harassment.

When the first trailer for The Morning Show aired over the summer, fans noticed the undertones that were being broadcast. In the unique trailer, several voice-overs are heard, canceling each other out, as a camera panned an empty newsroom studio. While the original trailer never came right out and used the term sexual harassment, it was apparent that Season 1 of the Apple TV+ original would attempt to tackle the theme.

A more in-depth trailer has made it evident that the show is somehow based on the sexual misconduct allegations levied towards Matt Lauer. If you look at the facts, it reads like Lauer’s script. Steve Carell plays a disgraced anchor who is accused of sexual misconduct. Jennifer Aniston plays his former cohost who must go on, and Reese Witherspoon represents the wave of new stars poised to take over the entertainment industry.

Tim Cook discussing Apple TV+
Tim Cook discussing Apple TV+ | David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Aniston, however, insists that the show isn’t about Lauer, well, not exactly, at least. The Friends star sat down with Howard Stern to discuss what is going on with her brand new gig. She had plenty to say on the topic.

What is The Morning Show really about?

The Morning Show, set against the backdrop of a modern newsroom, was initially intended to be a deep dive into the ultra-competitive news market. When Lauer was ousted from his prestigious position, however, the entire script for the show was rewritten, according to Variety.

Writers decided to work in the sexual misconduct angel after the news broke. Still the storyline isn’t entirely about the Matt Lauer situation. Overall, The goal of the show is to highlight all of the background drama that plays into how the news gets delivered to the masses on a daily basis.

The new show’s themes are not new. The Newsroom, which aired on HBO from 2012 to 2014, approached hard-hitting topics from a similar angle. The Newsroom tackled timely concerns about the ethics of delivering the news responsibly while still feeding into the 24-hour news cycle.

What did Jennifer Aniston have to say about the show’s storyline?

Aniston has spent the interim between Friends and The Morning Show working on movie sets. She is no stranger to the streaming medium either. Aniston, however, is especially excited to be signed onto this particular project.

Sitting down with Howard Stern, Aniston insisted that The Morning Show might not be based entirely on Matt Lauer, but his story played a role in the script. Aniston noted that the show is about a lot of people. She went on to explain that Lauer is not the first person who has been accused of sexual misconduct in recent years. He likely won’t be the last, either. The world might equate the storyline to Lauer because he is the most prolific example in recent memory. Carell also happens to bear a striking resemblance to the shamed news anchor.