Jennifer Aniston Gets Paid Too Much to Not Have an Instagram Account

Friends star Jennifer Aniston has long been one of the most talked-about actresses in the world. From her fascinating personal life to her intriguing career decisions, fans just can’t get enough of the woman known around the world as “Jen.” Recently, Aniston made a splash by joining Instagram.

While this wouldn’t be a big deal for most celebrities, Aniston has been notoriously social-media shy. Read on to learn why Aniston has been so hesitant about social media, as well as why she likely took the plunge and set up an Instagram account.

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Why did Jennifer Aniston avoid social media?

Jennifer Aniston was one of the biggest stars of the ’90s, thanks to the staggering success of Friends. When the show ended in the early 2000s, Aniston wasn’t content to rest on her laurels. She moved forward, challenging herself with a wide variety of interesting projects, from Along Came Polly, opposite Ben Stiller, to Netflix originals like 2018’s Dumplin‘. She has received critical acclaim for her acting abilities, and even now, after decades in the business, people still love her.

Still, Aniston has been very reticent to open up to fans and reporters. Over the years, she has repeatedly stated that she has a strong dislike for social media, and was one of the select few stars to have never maintained a verified social media presence. Aniston stated in the past she has avoided social media in order to maintain her sanity because the world of social media creates extra pressure. She even said that social media was a sort of “man-made challenge” that she had no interest in. All of that has changed, and on October 15th, 2019, Jennifer Aniston officially joined Instagram.

Jennifer Aniston’s new Instagram account ‘broke the internet’

When Aniston debuted her new Instagram account on October 15th, fans went crazy. Record numbers of people flocked to follow Aniston, which temporarily caused some issues with the social media platform. In fact, so many people tried to follow her that many people weren’t able to click the “follow” button, leading many users to see error messages such as “this page is not available.”

As excited as fans were to see their favorite star on Instagram, many wondered why, after so many years of speaking out against social media, Aniston finally decided to throw in the towel. The answer could be multi-faceted.

Is Jennifer Aniston’s Instagram account related to her new Apple TV+ show? 

As most know, Aniston is making a highly-anticipated return to television in the new Apple TV+ show, The Morning Show. It is set to debut on the new streaming service in November and for her work in the series, Aniston will reportedly be making $1.1 million per episode. While the numbers are impressive, the show is somewhat of a gamble for Apple. After all, the streaming service itself is brand-new and untested, and relying mainly on Aniston’s star power (and that of her costars, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell) to sell subscriptions. 

The Morning Show is a massive gamble for Apple, and Aniston signing up for Instagram is definitely a great promotional tactic. Certainly, there could be other reasons why Aniston finally took the social media plunge. In a recent interview, Aniston admitted that some parts of social media “sound intriguing” and could allow for celebrities to have a “little more control” over certain media stories.  

Whatever the reason Jennifer Aniston joined Instagram, one thing is clear – her fans could not possibly be more excited and ready to see what sort of fun content she posts. She’s off to a promising start – her first post was one of her Friends costars.