Jennifer Aniston Shares ‘Happy Holidays’ Instagram With 2 Surprising Famous Friends

Celebrated film and TV actor Jennifer Aniston is famous for many different projects, from her starring role in the beloved sitcom Friends to her Golden Globe-nominated performance in the film Cake. But somehow, we always find ourselves talking about her personal life.

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Aniston is known for being a friend to so many in Hollywood. Read on to learn which two major stars she was spotted spending time with during the 2019 holiday season.

Aniston’s friendship with her ‘Friends’ co-stars

Aniston joined Instagram with the above photo of herself with her five main castmates from Friends. A pic of just the three main women sends the internet into a frenzy, so this reunion of all six pals, combined with Aniston’s new platform, effectively broke the social media site.

A new article in People reveals that while “a lot of planning” was needed to make sure the whole group could reunite, “they had the most fantastic dinner” full of “laughing and hugs. “They follow each other’s lives,” the source continued. “The fact that they have been there for each other in happy and in sad times says a lot.”

She’s also close with her ‘The Morning Show’ castmate

Obviously, the six central Friends characters spent the most time together, so they are the closest. However, Aniston is also very friendly with a guest star from the series. Reese Witherspoon, who portrayed her character’s younger sister, Jill Green, is still close with the actress to this day.

As both of their careers grew to unimaginable heights, Aniston and Witherspoon have stayed close. Now, they star in the Apple TV+ series, The Morning Show, together. Clearly, Aniston often becomes close to those she works with.

Is Aniston friends with Rita Wilson and Laura Dern?

After her posts with her Friends co-stars, Witherspoon, and a few others, you may have thought that Aniston wouldn’t have any more popular acquaintances to reveal on Instagram. But you would have been wrong, because on Dec. 23, 2019, she shared a photo with actors Rita Wilson and Laura Dern in the mix.

While the three may seem like an odd pairing, as they’re not known for working on any particular projects together, they run in the same circles. And Dern was among those at Aniston’s 50th birthday party earlier this year. Talk about a star-studded group!

She’s also been spending time with her famous exes

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We love to celebrate all of Aniston’s friendships. And that includes those with her two famous ex-husbands. Rumors about Aniston and Brad Pitt, whom she was married to from 2000-2005, are frequently circulating, but the two appear to have nurtured a healthy platonic relationship over the past 15 years.

Speaking of keeping things friendly, Aniston also remains close with her more recent ex, Justin Theroux. Though they separated in 2017, they’ve never had a bad thing to say about one another. The Wanderlust co-stars even celebrated Friendsgiving together in 2019. Truly, there seems to be no better friend to have in show business than Aniston.