Jennifer Aniston Just Leaked The Biggest ‘Friends’ Spoiler About Ross and Rachel’s Fate

Can you stan or ship a couple that’s been off the air for 15 years, which is longer than the show was on the air? You certainly can if the couple is Ross and Rachel and the show is Friends, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Jennifer Aniston continued her dominance of Instagram by giving fans an update on her and David Schwimmer’s alter egos: They actors played Ross and Rachel — an on-again-off-again couple.

A brief history of Ross and Rachel

David Schwimmer as Ross Geller, Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green
David Schwimmer as Ross Geller, Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green. | NBCU Photo Bank

Ross (David Schwimmer) and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) were friends even before Friends started in 1994. Monica (Courtney Cox) and Rachel were the original high school best buds, and they both knew Ross in high school since Ross was Monica’s older brother. Ross had a crush on Rachel but never acted on it, and married his college girlfriend Carole instead. 

When the TV show started, Ross and Carole were divorcing, and Rachel came back into his life after she ran away from her wedding. The old feelings were still there but old habits die hard and, once again, Ross failed to make a move toward Rachel, who took up with an Italian boyfriend. 

In the interim, Ross goes to China and Rachel finds out about his feelings for her from Chandler (Matthew Perry). Rachel decides to take the initiative and greet Ross at the airport upon his return, but he returns with a new girlfriend, Julie.

This back and forth of bad timing goes on for a while until they finally get together after Rachel sees a video of her high school prom. More back and forth ensues as they break up and makeup and break up and makeup, again. Lather, rinse repeat several times. Even to the point where the couple has a child after spending a drunken night together.

Finally, the series ends with Rachel taking a job with Louis Vuitton in Paris. She gets on the plane and can’t go through with it, running back to Ross.

Jenner Aniston says of Ross and Rachel: ‘It’s complicated’

Aniston joined Instagram recently, amassing more than 17 million followers in only two weeks. All the attention was more than the site could handle, and it actually went down for a time. The actress amusingly apologized for breaking the site by trashing a phone in one of her posts. 

Bachelorette alum Kaitlyn Bristowe asked her, “ARE YOU AND ROSS STILL TOGETHER!!???” Aniston replied: “Well, we’re on a break.”

She didn’t elaborate beyond that, but it was probably a reference to an actual episode title “The One Where Ross And Rachel Take A Break.” As we have seen, Ross and Rachel took many breaks, so it seems they’re still up to their old tricks. 

According to US, series co-creator Marta Kauffman is on record as disagreeing, saying only last month that she thought the couple was still together. So who’s the boss? The creator or the actress?  With all the anniversary celebrations going on, we just might eventually get a definitive answer. 

Jennifer Aniston is back with ‘The Morning Show’

The actress has been on a promotional tear in recent months, showcasing her highly touted return to television, The Morning Show, which debuts with the launch of Apple TV+ and is likely that new streamer’s most high-profile show. In it, Aniston and former Friends sister Reese Witherspoon team up as both actresses and producers, chronicling what happens when a longtime morning news show is rocked by a sexual harassment scandal. 

However, the reception for not just The Morning Show but most of Apple TV’s offerings have been decidedly muted among critics. It has a green splay on Rotten Tomatoes, with the critical consensus being: “Flashy, but somewhat frivolous, The Morning Show often feels more like a vanity project than the hard-hitting drama it aspires to be — but there is pleasure to be had in watching Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon give it their all.”

With Apple TV+ running only $5 a month, or being free for a year if you recently bought an Apple device, that will probably be the first stop many make on the new platform. We’ll see if its reception by audiences is as rapturous as the one Aniston got on Instagram.