Jennifer Aniston Shares How Harvey Weinstein Tried to Control What She Wore

Jennifer Aniston has a new show coming out. She stars in it, but she also created it. The Morning Show follows a reporter who replaces Mitch Kessler, a fictional news anchor fired for allegations of sexual impropriety. The show will be on Apple TV+, and fans are excited. 

Aniston, who co-stars in the show with Reese Witherspoon, has recently confessed she almost had a #MeToo experience with the notorious Harvey Weinstein.

Weinstein, a former Hollywood producer, was one of the first men to be accused in the movement, and face consequences for his actions. In a lot of ways his accusers started the #MeToo movement, a social phenomenon which Aniston says played a key role in her development of her new show. 

Weinstein tried to bully Jennifer Aniston

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In a recent interview with Variety, Aniston recalls a 2005 incident with Weinstein. She had acted in a movie that he produced, Derailed. When it came time to dress for the premiere, Weinstein wanted Aniston to wear a dress from his wife’s company: Marchesa.

Weinstein was married to designer Georgina Chapman for many years, although she filed for divorce after the allegations against Weinstein came to light. In 2005, though, Chapman was just starting her company. 

Although Aniston has nothing bad to say about Chapman’s designs, she just didn’t find one she liked in the book Weinstein brought her in 2005. As she describes it: “I went through the book, and at the time, it wasn’t what it is today. It was not for me. He was like, ‘You have to wear the dress.'”

Aniston felt somewhat bullied by Weinstein’s behavior, but she didn’t let it get to her. She wore what she wanted to wear that night at the premiere, and it wasn’t a Marchesa design. 

Aniston did not let Weinstein dictate her wardrobe. She thought: “Well what was he going to do? Come over here and make me wear it?!” 

Not all women could refuse Harvey Weinstein

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While Aniston was able to stand up for herself, not all of Weinstein’s victims had the same pull as Aniston did when she finally encountered Weinstein. In 2005, Aniston was already a famous actress, so she didn’t need Weinstein to improve her career. Other women weren’t in the same position. Weinstein allegedly took advantage of women who needed him to further their careers.

Chapman and her designs are popular, but some celebrities have renounced her. There is some question about how her company was financed. It seems like Weinstein may have been funneling money from his production company to Marchesa. 

The connection is too much for some supporters of the #MeToo movement, but others still wear Chapman’s gowns on the red carpet. Scarlett Johansson and Constance Wu aren’t afraid to be seen in her designs. Editor-in-chief of Vogue, Anna Wintour, is a vocal supporter of Chapman. According to Wintour: “Georgina is a brilliant designer, and I don’t think that she should be blamed for her husband’s behavior.”

Harvey Weinstein seems to have impacted Jennifer Aniston

Aniston’s bad experience with Weinstein didn’t end at the dress. He displayed what she calls “gross entitlement and piggish behavior” throughout the premiere. He even made one of her friends get up so he could have the seat. 

Considering the horror stories we’ve heard about Weinstein, it seems like Aniston got away relatively scot-free. She’s not immune to the struggles of other women, though, and that’s part of what she’ll be exploring in her new show. 

A lot of people have drawn similarities between one of her characters, Mitch Kessler, and Matt Lauer, the real-life Today Show host that was fired for sexual misconduct. Any similarities between Kessler and Lauer, or even Weinstein, are fictional. Aniston is adamant that the character is not based on a real person, but an “archetype.” 

The Morning Show airs on November 1.