Jennifer Garner Is Floored By 1 Celebrity Chef’s Praise — ‘It’s More Than I Can Handle’

Jennifer Garner is an actor and producer who has been a Hollywood mainstay for two decades. Garner, who is known for her signature dimples and girl-next-door charm, has been in the headlines a lot due to her longtime relationship with her now ex-husband Ben Affleck, but always prefers to keep the focus squarely on her work.

In addition to acting, Garner has a variety of interests, including several business ventures involving children, and, of course, her fascination with cooking, which she documents on her social media pages. Recently, Garner made an appearance on “Hot Ones,” opening up to host Sean Evans about the celebrity chef whose praise is simply more than what Garner can handle. 

Jennifer Garner became a star after ‘Alias’

Jennifer Garner attends 2019 Baby2Baby Gala Presented By Paul Mitchell
Jennifer Garner attends 2019 Baby2Baby Gala Presented By Paul Mitchell | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

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Garner first started acting in the early ’90s, performing in summer stock theater while in college. In 1994, Garner graduated from college with a degree in theater performance.

The young actor buckled down and started to work on landing television roles. Her early roles included small parts in television projects like Dead Man’s Walk and Fantasy Island. She also appeared in a few movies, including Pearl Harbor.

In 2001, Garner got her big break when she was cast as Sydney Bristow in the spy thriller Alias. The TV show ran on television for five years, during which time Garner rose to the rank of worldwide star.

By the early 2000s, Garner was one of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood, acting in romantic comedies such as 13 Going on 30 and Valentine’s Day. Garner has also acted in a variety of dramas, and these days, even though she is a mom to three children, she remains a vital presence in the movie business. 

Jennifer Garner has an informal cooking show

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Garner’s love of cooking is an open secret, and over the years, she has shared many food snapshots on her Instagram page. In 2018, Garner began filming informal cooking segments, which she shared to Instagram under the nickname “the Pretend Cooking Show.”

In the past few years, Garner has continued to share new episodes of the Pretend Cooking Show, preparing everything from pasta dishes to her family’s favorite biscuits. The popularity of Garner’s Instagram cooking series has soared, and during the COVID-19 lockdown, the actress even welcomed some celebrity guests to help her film episodes virtually.

When it comes to celebrity chefs, however, there’s only one person who truly has the power to render Garner speechless. 

What did Jennifer Garner say about Ina Garten praising her?

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In a recent episode of “Hot Ones,” host Sean Evans asked Garner how it felt to get an Ina Garten “co-sign.” That is, the iconic television chef once praised Garner to the press, stating that the actor is “adorable and smart and not at all performing. That’s just who she is. I think she’s really special.”

Garner told Evans that “the fact that Ina Garten, whom I revere, who taught all of us to cook, the whole world…is just more than I can handle.” 

Garner’s devotion to Garten is no secret. The actor has often referenced Garten on her Pretend Cooking Show, even telling Evans that the show is an “homage” to Garten. Clearly, Garten’s praise made Garner’s day, and fans might be able to look forward to the two famous women collaborating at some point in the future.