Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Are Just One of Carly Pearce’s ‘Dream’ Double Dates

Anyone who listens to country music will know about Carly Pearce, one of the brightest young talents in that genre in the last few years. After two studio albums since 2017, she’s now a country superstar, which means she’s starting to take part in more interviews and Q&A’s so fans can learn more about her.

Recently, she played a round of “Once, Never, Forever” for Women’s Health where celebs answer specific questions about what they’d try for the first time. Pearce got fairly personal and didn’t shy away from answering which notables she’d double date.

The names maybe weren’t surprising coming from someone famous. However, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez will probably be surprised a country star added them to their list.

Would Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez really double date with Carly Pearce?

While Pearce added J.Lo and A-Rod as the “Forever” out of all celebs she’d go on a double date with, there were two other couples she picked first. First were Barack Obama and Michelle Obama for “Once,” which is probably on just about everyone’s list.

Second, she picked John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, two other popular figures who are almost as entertaining on social media as they are in the real world. For a country artist to pick all non-country people says a lot about Pearce’s priorities on the people she admires. Since Legend/Teigen were on the “Never” part, it’s curious what they might think of this.

As for choosing J.Lo and A-Rod, it makes the mind reel whether those two would agree to do a double date with Pearce in real life. Not that Pearce is single by any means. She married country star Michael Ray last year.

What would happen if any of those notables agreed to such a thing? At least these didn’t become the only famous names mentioned by Pearce when it comes to working out or doing Karaoke.

Carly Pearce didn’t add any country stars to her list, other than her husband

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez holding hands
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez | Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Turner

When asked about her dream workout buddy, Pearce also mentioned Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, and Tracee Ellis Ross, three others who have nothing to do with country music. Most interesting were her chosen karaoke partners: Justin Bieber, Drake, or her husband, Michael Ray.

With these choices, it might make fans wonder if Pearce might become a crossover artist eventually, something many country artists have done. Many would argue country isn’t really country in the fullest sense anymore with so many other musical genres blending in.

Pearce already formulated a country-pop blend for herself, lending herself more fans across the music genre aisles. Her answering “Once, Never, Forever” kind of cemented this fact, outside of Drake being the “Never” choice on the karaoke question apparently proving she wouldn’t include rap.

Thanks to the song Old Town Road, however, the hip-hop community is already starting to encroach in the country field.

Someone arrange a meeting between Carly Pearce and Jennifer Lopez

Once celebrities mention certain favorite notables in lists like this, it usually garners the attention of the artist mentioned. Maybe J.Lo and A.Rod will give Pearce and Ray a call and arrange a real double date.

More so, having Lopez perform with Pearce on stage or in a duet would be one interesting blend. The best chance of that ever happening would be on The Grammy Awards next year. However, even the Country Music Awards show is starting to diversify in setting up musical duets with artists nobody would have seen there 20 years ago.

This reaching across the musical genres process is good for music. It’ll also make Pearce more popular if maybe alienating some of the country purists still out there.