Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Have the Best Nicknames for Each Other

They are two global superstars who have become the world’s most beloved power couple. Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have impressive careers, beautiful children, and a relationship that their fans envy and admire.

Lopez and Rodriguez got engaged on March 9th, and ever since, fans have been clamoring to learn even more about these two, and how they find time to connect while still balancing two insanely busy work schedules. As it turns out, J-Lo and A-Rod are remarkably similar to many couples, including the adorable nicknames that they have for each other.

How do the superstars unwind?

Even though Jennifer Lopez is one of the biggest stars in the world, with acting, singing, and business engagements that would make any normal person’s head spin, she knows how important it is to relax on occasion. Alex Rodriguez, after making his mark as one the all-time great baseball stars, shares a similar philosophy when it comes to downtime.

The newly-engaged pair loves their luxurious vacations, and prefer to get away somewhere with warm sand and an ocean breeze. In fact, they got engaged during one such exotic getaway, during a week-long stint in the Bahamas. It is their love of beach vacations that has prompted many fans to wonder if they will end up getting married in a resort-style ceremony, possibly even on the same beach where they got engaged. Of course, the couple also enjoys challenging each other to intense diet and exercise routines, including the insane 10-day no sugar, no carb challenge. 

Their commitment to family

Although the duo loves their time together, they are also deeply committed to their kids, and to creating a family atmosphere. Jennifer Lopez has her twins, Max and Emme, that she co-parents with her ex-husband, Marc Anthony. Alex Rodriguez has two daughters from his six-year marriage to Cynthia Rodriguez.

Reportedly, the children love spending time with each other, and both Lopez and Rodriguez have been known to share snaps on social media from their family outings. Lopez and Rodriguez are both mature adults who seem to understand the value of family and know that there’s nothing more important than a happy, peaceful home life.

According to an interview with Lopez, it was really important to both her and Rodriguez that their children get along well, and fortunately for both of them, the kids got along right from the start. There’s even some buzz that Lopez and Rodriguez will include all four children in their wedding ceremony in some capacity, although the exact details likely won’t be revealed until the big day.

What are their nicknames for each other?

Most couples have some sort of nickname for each other, whether it is something deeply romantic or sweet and silly. Lopez and Rodriguez are no exception to this rule. In a recent interview with SiriusXM, Lopez revealed that she and Rodriguez have flirty names for each other that fans might not have been able to guess. She admitted that in private, she calls him “Macho,” while Rodriguez, being somewhat of a traditionalist, calls her “beautiful” or “gorgeous.”

She went on to explain that Rodriguez also likes to refer to their daughters in such flattering terms and that it’s just the kind of guy he is. There’s little doubt that Rodriguez is constantly in awe of his famous bride-to-be and constantly gushes over her via social media or in interviews, including leaving “fire” emojis on some of her Instagram posts. No matter when or how Lopez and Rodriguez decide to tie the knot, it will certainly be a beautiful occasion that fans will be talking about for months following.