Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez: Which Superstar Is Worth More?

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are now engaged! This isn’t too surprising considering they’ve been one of the hottest celebrity couples around the past couple years. They are beautiful, talented, and utterly devoted to each other, regularly showing up at each other’s events and always supporting each other through thick and thin.

Lopez and Rodriguez are also both incredibly wealthy, with lavish lifestyles and stunning vacation schedules that most could only dream of. A-Rod even proposed to JLo while they were in the Bahamas. Which half of the celebrity couple is worth more? We break it down for you in a Lopez/Rodriguez financial faceoff!

How much is Jennifer Lopez worth?

Jennifer Lopez has been one of the top movie and music stars in the world for well over twenty years. The former “Fly Girl” has appeared in some of the most popular romantic comedies of all time and has remained relevant in the music world as well, routinely releasing new albums and singles that shoot to the top of the charts.

In addition to her movie and music ventures, Lopez keeps busy with a clothing line, fragrance collection, and occasional television hosting gigs. The mogul and mother of twins Max and Emme rarely seems to slow down, but all of her hard work has certainly paid off. Lopez has a net worth of $400 million, with a reported yearly salary of around $40 million.

While Jennifer Lopez works hard to stay where she is and is completely committed to living healthy, with a crazy fitness routine that keeps her body looking decades younger than her actual age of 49, she isn’t above treating herself, especially in the form of lavish vacations. Lopez and Rodriguez regularly take time off to vacation together, like their recent luxurious Italian getaway. They seem to realize that quality time is one of the most important gifts that couples can give each other.

How much is Alex Rodriguez worth?

Alex Rodriguez started playing baseball when he was still a teenager and is now known as one of the most iconic baseball players in the world. For over twenty years, Rodriguez, known as “A-Rod,” played big, and earned a place as one of the wealthiest baseball players of all time. He has played for three of the U.S.’s top teams, including the Seattle Mariners, the Texas Rangers, and finally, the New York Yankees. Although he was briefly embroiled in a scandal involving the use of steroids, his career was able to recover and keep moving forward.

Although he stopped playing baseball after the 2016 season, Rodriguez has stayed active in the sporting world, and serves as a media personality and sportscaster for a variety of different television programs. His net worth has grown to around $350 million and only continues to increase.

Who wins the showdown?

While both Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are fabulously wealthy individuals, Lopez’s net worth of $400 million is slightly higher than Rodriguez’s $350 million. 

The couple’s future seems bright, as they just celebrated their second dating anniversary and reportedly are happier than ever. The two are actively involved with each other’s children (Lopez has two from her previous relationship with singer Marc Anthony and Rodriguez has two children from his previous marriage) and enjoy spending lots of time as a family. As to whether or not fans can expect to hear wedding bells for the two in the future, Lopez has remained mum but does admit that they are very happy with the state of their current relationship. As the two have both been married before, they likely feel no pressure to get engaged or married anytime soon.

One thing’s for sure – with the combined net worth of this top celebrity couple, the wedding would be luxurious beyond imagination!