Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s Chef Shares What Is ‘Always’ In Their Fridge

Celebrities need to stay stocked up for quarantine, too. While many of the world’s richest people can afford to eat out as they are locked in, some prefer to keep a refrigerator full of all their favorites.

Recently, personal chef Kelvin Fernandez spilled the details on what one particular power couple was stocking up on during this time. Cooking for Jennifer Lopez and her partner Alex Rodriguez, Fernandez spilled the beans on what they keep to stay fed during their quarantine. 

When J-Lo met A-Rod 

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For over two decades, Lopez has grabbed tabloid headlines for her love life. From Sean “Diddy” Combs to Ben Affleck, Marc Anthony to back up dancer Beau Smart, Lopez is sure to turn a few heads when she takes the red carpet with a man by her side. In recent years, that man has been none other than retired baseball superstar Rodriguez

Like Lopez, Rodriguez has had his fair share of memorable flings throughout the years. As a member of the New York Yankees in his prime, Rodriguez became a household name beyond the pages of Sports Illustrated and into TMZ, Us Weekly, and other more celebrity-oriented publications. Cameron Diaz, Madonna, Kate Hudson, and wrestler Torrie Wilson are just a few of his high-profile relationships.

The pair were first spotted together as far back as 2005, but it took 12 years for everything to become official. In March 2017, Lopez confirmed that the pair were an item.

From there, the couple hit the Met Gala together, took in football games, and stormed the red carpets of several big events. A new media obsession was born, and as the world stands still in quarantine, the pair is making it work at home. 

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What’s in their fridge?

It likely comes as no surprise that a former professional athlete and an entertainer who is known for her devotion to fitness are not filling their refrigerator with junk. Breaking down what they have in their fridge, Fernandez showed that the couple likes to eat healthy, although their taste in things does not necessarily go hand in hand, according to US Magazine

The staples of their refrigerator include sparkling water and lots of fruits and veggies. Lopez, reportedly, prefers to stick with vegetables, as fruits are not her favorite things. She also likes to drink her meals, making green juice out of celery, spinach, and cucumber. For kids, there are lots of vegetables. 

When it comes to proteins, specifically for breakfast, the pair enjoys eggs, chicken and apple sausage, and turkey bacon. Of course, the fitness-oriented couple likes to make the eggs healthier by only eating egg whites when they can. 

What is mealtime like at their place?

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez together
Are Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez | ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images

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The family might eat healthier than most of us, but it does not mean that they can’t enjoy the same things we love. Fernandez notes that he and his team make the family a lot of tacos. The family loves to entertain guests, as many as 40 at a time, but Fernandez also noted that there were times on holidays when they were perfectly content keeping it between them and their kids. 

The most shocking thing about the Lopez and Rodriguez household is that while the pair stays healthy, there is nothing out of the ordinary about their diets. Their diets are typical to those who enjoy watching what they eat, and while this is not for everybody, it’s not an extravagant lifestyle one might expect from two gigantic names. 

Everyone wants to remain comfortable during these times, and celebrities are no exception. This peek inside the fridge of a power couple shows that they, like us, just want what they want and don’t need anything crazy to stay happy. 

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