Jennifer Lopez’s Easy Trick to Staying Healthy While Dining Out

Jennifer Lopez has a simple trick for staying healthy when she eats at a restaurant. Keep reading to learn how the actress, singer, dancer, producer (Seriously, is there anything she can’t do?) and star of Hustlers — there’s already talk J. Lo may receive an Oscar nomination for her performance — stays healthy when she’s dining out. 

How Jennifer Lopez stays healthy eating at restaurants

In a 2016 interview with Hello! Magazine, J. Lo revealed how she’s been able to stick with her healthy diet given her busy schedule that means she’s often eating at restaurants instead of eating a home-cooked meal. She explained that even when goes out to eat with her loved ones, she does two things. The first, ordering a dish with vegetables and a good source of protein. 

“I’m a very social person and love spending time with my friends and family, so when we go out to eat I try to make healthy choices,” she told the publication. “Most restaurants offer healthy, low-calorie meals so I watch for things on the menu that fit my lifestyle. I’ll have a salad or some fish with veggies,” she added. 

That probably means she didn’t eat many, or even any, of the french fries pictured on the table in her above Instagram photo.

She drinks a lot of water

The second thing J. Lo does when she dines out is stay hydrated. This is nothing new for the 50-year-old.

She has said on numerous occasions how important hydration is for her fitness. After all, the water bottle she affectionately calls her “blingy cup,” has been seen in her hand for a few years now and it’s practically become J. Lo’s signature accessory. Even her fiancé former MLB player for the New York Yankees, Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez, has shown off his own “blingy cup” on social media. 

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez | V E Anderson/WireImage

J. Lo revealed in a recent video she fills her “blingy cup” with water (She claimed people were always asking her what she had in her cup.) and after joking that some thought she was sipping on alcohol, she revealed she’s always drinking water. The performer, who wrapped her It’s My Party Tour in August 2019, hasn’t had caffeine or alcohol in years. She starts her day by drinking a cup of decaf coffee. 

This is why it comes as no surprise that when asked how she maintains her healthy lifestyle when she’s “on the move,” J. Lo said she drinks water not just before or after a meal but during too. 

“And I make sure I drink lots of water throughout the meal,” she said. 

So, next time making healthy choices while eating out becomes a minefield, remember J. Lo’s easy and simple strategy. Order lean protein — think, chicken or fish — and vegetables (Probably ones that are grilled, steamed, or baked rather than fried.) and drink water. 

Clearly, the strategy’s been working great for J. Lo who said in an Instagram post earlier this year she wanted to complete her tour being “even stronger” than when she started. 

“I made a promise to myself that instead of letting it wear me down I would be even stronger at the end of it …I will work out and be in the best shape of my life,” she wrote in the caption accompanying a picture of her flexing her arms. 

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