Jennifer Lopez Is Celebrating Her 50th Birthday in the Best Way Possible

Jennifer Lopez is still JLo to us, no matter that she’s incredibly turning 50 years old soon. We’ve written about a lot of famous women here who look as good as Lopez does well over age 50. However, JLo is truly a standout case.

We already know she has a uniquely healthy diet in eliminating carbs and sugar. Both of those dietary measures are why her figure continues to look stunning in everything she wears.

So what is she going to do to celebrate her 50th birthday? She’ll be doing something not many 50-year-old people could: Going on tour.

Jennifer Lopez is turning 50 soon

Jennifer Lopez won’t turn 50 until July 24, so her 50th birthday tour will build up through the summer. In the meantime, it’s worth the time for her fans to reflect on just how long she’s been around.

For some, it might feel a tad depressing to realize how fast time goes. Lopez has been in showbiz for 33 years now. We all remember her beginnings as one of the Fly Girls on Fox’s In Living Color.

While younger generations may think of her as a judge on World of Dance and a middle-age pop star, many older fans will remember when we thought she’d become a superstar actress. Her breakthrough performance in 1997’s Selena had us envisioning her winning Oscars rather than pop star adulation.

Becoming a populist pop star

Despite being nominated for a Golden Globe and for Grammys, Lopez has yet to win one of those awards for her work. Still, she’s won 121 entertainment-related awards and became one of the top-selling Latina pop stars in the world.

Let’s hope she can finally win a Grammy, a Golden Globe, or an Oscar in her 50s. The odds are in her favor considering she still looks 30 rather than 50.

Before she plans the second half of her career legacy, her 50th birthday tour will be a little ambitious.

How large will Lopez’s birthday tour be?

Recently, JLo kicked off the announcement of her birthday tour on The Ellen DeGeneres ShowThis came on the heels of a controversial appearance on The Grammy Awards doing a Motown tribute. For most people, however, her performance on the Grammys was a clincher for showing how amazing of a stage performer she still is.

She revealed on Ellen’s show that she’ll play 24 cities starting June 7 in Phoenix, AZ. The tour will go on through July 26, ending in Miami.

During the show, Lopez also revealed everyone in the audience would get first dibs on obtaining tickets. She’s naming the tour It’s My Party! to essentially celebrate her “second act” of her career.

Can JLo keep up the pace of a grueling 24-city tour? We’re more than confident she can.

Lopez is proof you can still tour if you stay healthy

Living on the road is certainly no easy task for anyone at any age. No doubt Lopez was asked to play even more cities, though wisely kept it to 24. Since she has a lot of other entertainment irons in the fire, we’re lucky to have her do even a 24-city tour this summer.

Once you take a look at JLo’s health regimen, you can see she shouldn’t have any trouble keeping up pace traveling the country.

When Prevention did a piece last summer on what she does to keep healthy, we saw just how committed she is to a daily routine. This consists of consuming entirely organic foods, plus intense daily workouts in the gym without a break.

Let the Second Act Party commence …