Jennifer Lopez Reveals Her New Stripper Look for ‘Hustlers’

Since Jennifer Lopez first told the world she’d be playing the role of a stripper in her newest film, fans went wild… and Alex Rodriguez, of course, joked that no man would be okay with his fiance playing a stripper. But that statement was in jest, because A-Rod is one of the most supportive boyfriends the world has ever seen. 

Now, at long last, J-Lo has debuted her new stripper look for the world to see. Recently posted on Instagram, her “in character” photo has the world going wild. 

Jennifer Lopez’s stripper look reveal

Jennifer Lopez posted the “in character” photo on Instagram, and we can  honestly say that all her hard work getting in shape for Hustlers has definitely paid off. The 49 year old singer and actress has never looked hotter, and that’s really saying something for a woman who looks less than half her age. 

The look Lopez appeared in was a light pink high-waist bikini with matching lipstick and hair just the right amount of messy. The outfit perfectly compliments her physique and skin tone. The image was captioned with “I’m a hustler baby… I just want you to know… #Ramona on fire. On set and in character for #hustlersmovie.”

How she got in shape

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez | James Devaney/GC Images

Jennifer Lopez’s smoking debut for her character is well deserved, because the actress put in lot of hard work to get in shape for Hustlers. One of the biggest things she did was her now-famous ten day dieting challenge where she could not eat either carbs or sugar for a full ten days.

Despite always trying to eat healthy and stay in shape, Lopez admitted the diet was incredibly hard. “Not only do you get a headache, but you feel like you’re in an alternate reality or universe. You don’t feel like yourself. You realize that you’re addicted to sugar.”

She may have struggled, but Lopez persevered and came out on the other side of her ten day challenge looking amazing. It undoubtedly help that she had the support of Rodriguez, who did the diet with her.

Other ways Lopez prepared for her role

Not only did Lopez keep up her normal exercise regime and go on an extreme diet, but she also worked hard to master her stripper moves. Her efforts in this included purchasing a portable stripper pole to keep at home. She hired an acrobat who works with Cirque de Soleil to help her train. 

During her training, Jennifer Lopez says she has a newfound respect for strippers and that the work she’s done for the role is a lot harder than the professional dancing she’s done almost her whole life. The actress admitted that she had “bruises everywhere” and that it’s “so hard.”

What we know about ‘Hustlers’

Hustlers is a film that was adapted from an article which appeared in New York Magazine back in 2015. The story takes place just before the big 2008 financial crisis, when the money was still rolling for the wealthy Wall Street executives who visited the club where the story is focused.

Tired of not getting their fair share, a group of stripppers came together with a plan to get some extra money out of their wealthy clients. Many have dubbed the story as a “modern day Robin Hood.”

Also starring in the film alongside Jennifer Lopez will be Cardi-B, Lili Reinhart, Keke Palmer, Constance Wu, Julia Stiles, Mete Towley, and Madeline Brewer, among others. Filming has just begun, so there is no definitive release date yet. Hustlers is set to be released to theaters at some point during 2020, however, so fans do not have to wait too long.