Jennifer Lopez Reveals Where She Feels the Most Happy

Jennifer Lopez is one of the hardest working women in the entertainment industry. The 49-year old mother of two is a huge star of movies, music, and dance, and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

In fact, she recently launched her “It’s My Party” concert tour, designed to celebrate her upcoming 50th birthday with all of her fans around the world.

In an intimate video that she released on her YouTube channel, Lopez discusses how she feels about touring and why fans can expect to keep seeing her on the road as the years progress.

Jennifer Lopez isn’t your average 50-year old

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez | Kevin Winter/Getty Images for ABA

While most women might want to start taking it easy when they reach their fifth decade, Lopez is not one of those women. She is dedicated to her craft in a way that defies logic, and the results are apparent every time she steps on stage.

Lopez recently made headlines when she announced that she would be playing a multi-city concert series called the “It’s My Party” tour, celebrating her birthday on July 24. Each concert is physically demanding, requiring Lopez to be at her very best each and every night – and the only way that she can do that is by sticking to an exacting diet and exercise routine.

Lopez stays in peak condition by drinking a lot of water and claims that she always makes sure to hydrate before a workout. While most moms count on their daily cup of coffee in order to get started, Lopez doesn’t drink any caffeine or alcohol at all – although she does admit to having decaffeinated coffee.

As for what she eats, Lopez sticks to clean foods and avoids processed ingredients. She revealed recently that she still enjoys dinners out with friends, but she mainly orders salads and fish, instead of the burger and fries. Her workout routine is intense, but Lopez admits that she loves to move her body, and that exercise makes her happy. 

Lopez truly loves touring

As a self-confessed lover of exercise and hard work, it makes sense that Jennifer Lopez would love life on the road. Recently, on her YouTube channel, Lopez gave everyone a sneak peek into the world of the “It’s My Party” tour. In the emotionally-charged video,

Lopez said that she was excited about the concerts because they have come together so beautifully and that while she wouldn’t want to tour for years and years without a break, she feels “the most happy” when on the road. It helps that she is able to bring her kids and her fiance, Alex Rodriguez, along for the journey. 

Later on in the video, Lopez admitted that she still loves dancing the most and feels “not even on this planet” when she gets to sing, dance, or act. It’s clear that not only is Lopez good at what she does, but she still loves the work itself.

That passion definitely shows through. Reviews of Lopez’s shows on the tour are glowing, and critics rave about her talent and ability to put on a great show.

What’s next for Lopez?

J-Lo will be performing in her “It’s My Party” tour through July 26th, hitting new cities and towns every week. Following the grand conclusion of her tour, she will get back to work on her other projects, including an upcoming film with Cardi B – and she also has a wedding with Alex Rodriguez to plan. Whatever she does, Jennifer Lopez does it with grace, style, and a commitment to perfection that is never less than 100%.

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