Jennifer Lopez on ‘Saturday Night Live’: Did She Mock Pete Davidson And Ariana Grande’s Relationship?

When Jennifer Lopez hosted Saturday Night Live, she pulled out all the stops. One sketch, in particular, was notable for the reaction it drew from fans, who think it may have been a nod to Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande‘s relationship. Here’s what happened.

Jennifer Lopez hosted ‘Saturday Night Live’

As Lopez said in her opening monologue, she’s been having a pretty fantastic year. She got engaged to Alex Rodriguez, she starred in Hustlers (and got nominated for a Golden Globe for it), and she’s preparing to perform at the Super Bowl Half-Time Show in 2020. And that’s just scraping the surface.

However, hosting SNL was also a pretty big deal for the triple-threat. Prior to the Dec. 7, 2019 episode, Lopez hadn’t been on the late-night sketch show in almost a decade. She previously pulled double duty as host and musical guest on Feb. 27, 2010.

This sketch involved Pete Davidson

Passing the musical duties off to DaBaby this time around, Lopez was able to really focus on her acting. She was in a number of notable sketches, including an HGTV parody called “Surprise Home Makeover” and a mock ad for Barry’s Bootcamp.

In the sketch in question, titled “Chad & JLo,” castmember Davidson plays his recurring character Chad, a monosyllabic simpleton who finds himself in strange situations. This time around, he earns the attention of Lopez (as herself), who admits her attraction to him.

Davidson dated Ariana Grande

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande
Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande | Kevin Mazur/WireImage

To make sense of this one, we have to look into Davidson’s real life. He dated pop singer Grande for several months in 2018. Their whirlwind romance was the subject of much media attention, as it came on the heels of Davidson’s relationship with Cazzie David and Grande’s with the late rapper Mac Miller.

Davidson and Grande made their relationship official on social media only shortly before announcing their engagement in June 2018. After attending numerous events together (and Grande even penning a track titled “Pete Davidson,”) they ended things in Oct. 2018.

Why fans think they were making fun of Davidson’s relationship with Grande

Now, back to Lopez’s sketch with Davidson. In it, she plays herself, a beautiful, incredibly famous pop star, who falls for someone that many would consider “beneath her.” She isn’t able to really explain her attraction to him, and he’s simply agreeable about the whole thing.

As Twitter user Lindsay pointed out, Lopez has her hair in a notable high ponytail — similar to the way Grande usually wears her hair. Aside from the obvious comparisons between the two, SNL has taken to mocking Davidson in regard to his relationship with Grande without mentioning her by name, so it makes sense if that was part of the inspiration for this.

Will Grande ever host ‘SNL’ again?

Like Lopez, Grande is having an incredible year. She earned five Grammy nominations, went on a sold-out worldwide tour, and is working on a live album — her third album in as many years. So Grande seems like a natural fit for SNL.

In fact, her absence is a bit notable. So will Grande ever be asked back to host — or has she been asked, and declined? The artist has been very busy, but we wonder if Davidson isn’t the reason she’s refrained from hosting once again. Whatever the case, we’d love to see her back, either pulling double duty again or even just as a musical guest.