Jenny McCarthy is Getting Slammed on Twitter for Her Red Carpet Interview with Christina Applegate

Jenny McCarthy is prepping for the Season Two premiere of Fox Network’s hit The Masked Singer on September 25. Though now, the actress and television host is catching some heat for the interviews she conducted during the 2019 Emmy Awards red carpet arrivals. One in particular had viewers cringing, then expressing their distaste on social media.

Jenny McCarthy at the 2019 Emmy Awards
Jenny McCarthy | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Serves many roles

According to IMDb, McCarthy has worked as a model, actress, podcaster, and talk show host. Known for her roles on Scream 3, Scary Movie 3, The Drew Carey Show and her short-lived sitcom Jenny, McCarthy also served as a co-host on ABC’s The View in 1997. She provided quotes for the tell-all book “Ladies Who Punch: The Explosive Inside Story of ‘The View'” by author Ramin Setoodeh, which came under some scrutiny by her then-fellow panelists.

Now McCarthy hosts a daily talk radio show on Sirius XM, called “Dirty, Sexy, Funny,” and has been a panelist on Fox’s The Masked Singer since its launch earlier this year. Some fans know of McCarthy’s links to other celebs, including cousin Melissa McCarthy and husband Donnie Wahlberg.

Awkward with Applegate

McCarthy was one of the many with a microphone on the red carpet at the 2019 Emmy Awards, hoping to get some good sound bytes from a celebrity. When it was time for her to interview Christina Applegate, nominee for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for Netflix’s Dead to Me, things got a bit awkward. 

Applegate has a slew of acting credentials to her name, including her role as Kelly Bundy in the infamous 90s Fox sitcom Married With Children, her former ABC show Samantha Who? as well as her guest appearance on Friends. These roles seem to have slipped McCarthy’s mind, since her ensuing conversation with Applegate proved to be … let’s just say ‘different.’

According to Cosmopolitan, McCarthy began the interview by asking how Applegate felt about her first lead-actress nomination, apparently not realizing it was Applegate’s third time as lead nominee. But wait … there’s more. McCarthy went on to tell the actress that she hopes to be just like Applegate when she ‘grows up,’ which was quite a blunder since McCarthy is only one year younger than Applegate.

Social media outburst

Naturally, viewers of the awards show took to social media to voice their dismay at McCarthy’s lacking interview skills. “Is Jenny McCarthy drunk?” one person commented. “She just told Christina Applegate that she grew up watching her on TV and remembered thinking she wanted to be like her when she was older…but…she’s only 1 year younger than Christina.. Christina seemed annoyed by the whole interview. #Emmys.”

“Watching Jenny McCarthy try and ‘interview’ anyone actually makes me find Giuliana Rancic charming compared to this cringeworthy red carpet train wreck. #Emmysredcarpet,” another tweeted.

“JM insulted Christina Applegate multiple times; messed up the number of Emmy noms she’s had, then said she grew up watching Christina Applegate…but they’re the same age. So bad. So bad,” wrote another viewer on Twitter. Another commented, “Can I just say that I barely know who or what Jenny McCarthy is or does and she is one of my least favorite people in America#Emmys #Emmy2019.”

Some comments went on to criticize McCarthy’s other interviews, including one where she asked Veep’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus to reenact her famous “Elaine Dance” from Seinfeld.

While McCarthy may not be winning over any social media posters, chances are that most of her flawed interviews will be forgotten once The Masked Singer premieres this week!