‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Buzzy Cohen Wants to Host the Show When Alex Trebek Retires but Does He Really Have a Shot?

Is Buzzy Cohen the next Jeopardy! host? He dominated nine games in a row and he’s the winner of the 2017 Tournament of Champions. His quips make him polarizing among fans of the game show.

Buzzy Cohen poses on the red carpet at a screening of 'Gay Chorus Deep South'
Buzzy Cohen arrives at a screening of Gay Chorus Deep South | Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Some love his more relaxed attitude and others, not so much. Cohen’s said he wants to host Jeopardy! when Alex Trebek retires but does he really have a chance at being the next face of “America’s Favorite Quiz Show”? Keep reading to find out more about him. 

Buzzy Cohen jokes with Alex Trebek

First appearing on Jeopardy! in 2016, Cohen breaks the mold when he stands behind a podium and answers clues given to him by Trebek. Throughout the game, he finds ways to show off his personality. Cohen celebrates his wins and teases Trebek. 

One of his most memorable moments comes in Final Jeopardy when instead of betting money, Cohen makes his answers to the two-part trivia question a punchline. “What is see you tomorrow, Trebek?!” and “Who is you aren’t rid of me yet, Trebek?” are his responses. 

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Some Jeopardy! fans enjoy the dose of fun Cohen brings to the competition. Others feel he’s not taking the game seriously. Either way, he leaves Jeopardy! with more than $100,000 in winnings and a new nickname. Trebek refers to him as “Mr. Personality.” 

He asks producers to add him to list of potential hosts

Love him or hate him, Cohen is memorable and he gets Jeopardy! fans talking. When he returns to the program in 2017 for the Tournament of Champions he asks producers about submitting his name for consideration as the next host

Cohen said as much during an interview following his big win. 

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I told the producers when I was back for the tournament [2017 Tournament of Champions], ‘Nobody has asked me, and I’m sure there’s a long line, but I want to put my name on that list when Alex Trebek wants to retire,’” he said. “I’d love to do that.”

As Cohen said, there probably are plenty of people hoping they will be selected to follow in  Trebek’s footsteps as Jeopardy! host. Taking over the show from the TV personality after decades of award-winning programming is no easy feat.  

Buzzy Cohen doesn’t have any experience hosting a game show

An advertising music executive from Los Angeles, Cohen’s never hosted a game show before. Sure, he has experience being an engaging contestant on the program.

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But he’s never controlled the flow of the game in front of a studio audience with cameras rolling. Chances are, the people at Jeopardy! will bypass Cohen for a candidate who has more on-camera experience. 

He might attract new viewers to ‘Jeopardy!’

Even though Cohen isn’t the obvious choice for the gig, Cohen might usher in a new era of the show. Even though he has no hosting experience, he could very well attract a younger audience to the award-winning program with his playful attitude. But he has stiff competition.

Trebek once said his “dream pick” to succeed him is Betty White. And even though the Canadian-American TV personality says he has no say in who will replace him as host, his blessing likely goes a long way. 

For now, Trebek continues to host Jeopardy! as he’s done since 1984.

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