Jeremy and Audrey Roloff From ‘Little People, Big World’ Seem Closer With Jinger Duggar Than Ever Before

There’s a good chance Little People, Big World fans have been seeing more of Audrey and Jeremy Roloff recently — and that’s because they just released their book, A Love Letter Life. While the happy couple got their start on the TLC show, they’ve since left the program and pursued their own creative endeavors. That doesn’t mean they’ve totally lost touch with the network that initially gave them a successful platform, however. And it seems they’ve also met members of the Duggar family and developed relationships there as well.

More recently, it seems more evident than ever just how fond Jeremy and Audrey are of Jinger Duggar. Here’s why we suspect they’re so close.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff have a ton in common with Jinger Duggar and her husband

Aside from both starring in TLC programs, it seems Jeremy and Audrey actually have a lot in common with Jinger. We know the Duggars are ultra-religious, as their strict family practices have been televised for years. And while the Roloffs have also discussed religion here and there, it seems Jeremy might be the most Biblical in the entire family. He and Audrey have made it known in their new book, A Love Letter Life, and through their business, Beating 50 Percent, that they have a covenant marriage because of their love of God.

While we’re not sure if Jinger and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, are also in a covenant marriage, there’s no doubt their religious ways deeply dictate how they live their lives. Jeremy and Jinger explain their views on their family blog, and while they both admit they’ve slightly strayed away from the path of righteousness in their past, they’re happy to follow God now. They’re even planning on moving to Los Angeles next so Jeremy can further his schooling for ministry. Perhaps they can take a few tips from Audrey and Jeremy Roloff, as they also lived in L.A. for a time.

Jeremy and Audrey recently invited Jinger and Jeremy to talk on their podcast

We know Audrey and Jinger follow each other on Instagram, as Jinger participated in Audrey’s “3 sentence love story” challenge on the social media platform. Jinger shared her love story and tagged Audrey and Jeremy’s company with the hashtag #beating50percent, giving everyone a clue that the Roloffs and the Vuolos were actually quite close.

More recently, Jinger and her husband, Jeremy, were also featured on Jeremy and Audrey’s podcast, “Behind the Scenes.” And Jeremy Roloff mentions on the podcast that his family and the Vuolos have a ton of crossover, as both of their weddings were filmed for TV and their love stories were also captured on film, too. During the podcast, the two families have a frank discussion on how they maintain purity in their marriages, how they achieve “oneness” with their significant others, and also how they raise their kids. Jeremy Roloff notes during the interview that that’s the first time two families actually spoke directly to each other — but we doubt it’ll be the last.

“This is super fun,” Audrey Roloff said. “We’re excited to connect with you guys and hear all of your wisdom. To that, Jeremy Vuolo added that he’s been following the Roloffs closely and finds them to be “inspiring,” too.

They’re not the only Roloff family members to talk to Jinger, either

Jinger may prove to be a favorite Duggar family member for more than just Jeremy and Audrey, too. We remember seeing multiple encounters online between Tori Roloff, Zach Roloff’s wife, and Jinger as well. Good Housekeeping notes when Jinger and Jeremy shared that they’d be moving to Los Angeles, Tori commented on their Instagram post. “Super excited for your sweet little family! Welcome to the West coast!” Tori commented — and she also invited Jinger and Jeremy to Roloff Farms in Oregon.

Romper also reminds us the two have had other Instagram interactions in the past, too. Tori congratulated Jinger on the birth of her baby, Felicity. “Congratulations girl. Such a gift from God. I can tell you’re such a good mama! She’s perfect,” Tori wrote.

There’s no doubt fans would love a Counting On/Little People, Big World crossover episodes, so perhaps either family will guest star on the other’s show in the future.

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