Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar Just Explained Why They Named Their Daughter ‘Felicity’

Whether you’ve seen 19 Kids and Counting or you’re familiar with the Duggars through Counting On, we’ve all heard of the famous family one way or another. Michelle and Jim Bob helped launch their family to fame, but now, it’s the kids who are taking the spotlight. And Jinger Duggar has always been a fan favorite, as her followers love how she’s chosen her own path that’s slightly different from her 18 brothers and sisters.

Today, Jinger is married to Jeremy Vuolo, and they have a daughter together. She and Jeremy just explained why they gave their daughter the name of “Felicity” while they visited Jeremy and Audrey Roloff’s podcast, too. Here’s what they had to say.

Jeremy and Jinger have an 8-month-old daughter, Felicity

Anyone who doesn’t follow Jeremy and Jinger via Instagram is certainly missing out on adorable photos of their baby. On this season of Counting On, fans got to see Jinger Duggar when she was still pregnant with her daughter, Felicity — and the star recently updated her fans on how Felicity is doing at 8 months old. “Felicity is 8 months today! She is crawling all over the place and pulling up on everything,” Jinger captioned this adorable photo of her little one on Instagram.

Fans are loving all of the new photos of Felicity, too. “She is the cutest of all the Dugger grandkids,” one Instagram user commented on this recent photo of Felicity and Jeremy. And considering how much the Duggar family loves children and believes in having many kids, we’re all anxiously awaiting to hear if and when Jeremy and Jinger decide to expand their family.

They explained on the ‘Behind the Scenes’ podcast why they gave her this name

With names like Jinger and Jeremy, we half-expected the Vuolos to follow in Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s footsteps and give their children names that begin with the letter “J.” They decided to go their own way with the name “Felicity” however — and the name seems very carefully thought out. Jinger and Jeremy recently discussed their decision on Little People, Big World’s Jeremy and Audrey Roloff’s “Behind the Scenes” podcast.

“We wanted something unique, but not difficult for people to spell,” Jeremy Vuolo explained in regards to how they decided on the name for their daughter. “It’s actually a pretty cool story — Felicity and Perpetua were two of the very early Christian martyrs in Rome,” he continued on. “We have this journal of Felicity and Perpetua’s lives — Felicity was actually Perpetua’s servant girl, who was also converted — all the way up until their death. … It’s a really dramatic and incredible glimpse into early Christian martyrdom.”

And that’s not all. Jeremy then went on to explain that “Felicity” means “supreme happiness.” “And Felicity definitely lives up to her name,” Jinger added in. “She is the happiest baby. We’re really really loving being parents.”

It doesn’t look like any of the Duggar kids will follow the J-name path

While we know Jinger and Jeremy are going their own way when it comes to how they’re naming their kids, will any of the other Duggar kids follow in Jim Bob and Michelle’s footsteps and continue the J-name tradition? It doesn’t seem likely. Jessa and Ben Seewald have already named their two kids Spurgeon and Henry, and Jill has also named her sons Samuel and Israel, for example.

It doesn’t seem like there’s too deep of a reason for Jim Bob and Michelle to have given their kids all J-names, either. Bustle explains they stated they wanted to name their first child Joshua because of the Bible reference, and they also loved the Bible name John. From there, they came up with Jana — and they decided every name thereafter would also start with the letter J so no child felt left out.

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