Jeremy Vuolo Posted About His Love for Wife Jinger Duggar, and His Followers Don’t Believe He’s Genuine

While Duggar fans used to get all their info about the family via TLC’s Counting On and 19 Kids and Counting, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s 19 kids are growing up fast. And many of their adult children have their own social media accounts where they share info about their marriages, kids, and homes. Jinger Duggar is no exception.

Jinger married Jeremy Vuolo back in 2016, and they have a young daughter, Felicity. Jinger and Jeremy are both frequently posting about each other, though many of their followers think Jeremy might not actually be that into his wife. And his Instagram post of Jinger that he added on May 5 has everyone thinking he’s being seriously disingenuous.

Jeremy Vuolo was scrutinized by fans after a ‘Would You Rather?’ video posted by Jinger Duggar

Fans often wonder what Jinger and Jeremy’s relationship is really like. Jinger’s posts to Instagram project an image of success and happiness, but they’re not nearly as raw and real as Jill or Jessa’s. And while she’s constantly gushing about Jeremy, there’s evidence to suggest Jeremy doesn’t respect Jinger as much as he should.

A recent “Would You Rather?” Q&A between Jeremy and Jinger set fans off, as Jeremy seemed to constantly talk over Jinger through the video. In one scenario, Jeremy asked Jinger, “Would you rather have all dogs attack you when they see you, or all birds try to attack you when they see you?”

To that, Jinger answered, “I’d rather be attacked by a bird than a dog.” But Jeremy continued to badger Jinger with questions about her answer — and he told her what he would do in an interruptive manner.

“Jeremy I do feel like you questioned Jingers answers alot. I think from a husband you should hold back on that more because it can tear a woman down,” one follower commented. “I know you probably aren’t doing it in purpose but just so maybe you can look back on this and see it for yourself.”

Jeremy posted a photo of Jinger with a caption expressing his love

It’s not every day that Jeremy posts about Jinger. But after the release of the “Would You Rather?” video, he may be trying to redeem himself for talking over her answers and receiving fan backlash. On May 5, he posted a photo of Jinger to his Instagram — and he included a sweet caption to let his followers know he still totally adores his wife.

“I know, I know, it’s tacky to caption photos with alt-rock love song lyrics from middle school, but… ‘I love you more than have Ever found the way to say To you.’ It’s true,” Jeremy captioned the post.

Many of his followers were confused about the quote, but they expressed in the comments that they thought the sentiment was sweet.

“God sent you the right person,” one follower commented.

“Not corny when you’re in love!” another added.

Duggar family critics don’t believe him

Jeremy may have been genuine in his post to Jinger — but Duggar family critics think the whole thing seems off. Since the “Would You Rather?” video gained so much negative attention, many suspect Jeremy is trying to save face by posting something positive about his wife.

“Are those even the correct lyrics? It’s misspelled and looks like it’s missing a word or two. God he’s insufferable, at least be precise if you’re going to claim to be an intellectual …,” one Reddit user noted.

“I knew he would post something sugary fake about Jinger right after he was ripped apart the other day for their Instagram live. Lurker!” another wrote.

“‘I literally cannot think of anything nice to say about anyone but myself. Here are song lyrics,'” another user mocked.

We’re sure this won’t be the last time we see Jeremy posting about Jinger. And of course, we’ll see way more of Jeremy on Jinger’s page. Will the posts improve and gain the approval of Duggar followers? We’re not sure.

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