Exclusive: Here’s How ‘The Voice’ Hair Stylist Jerilynn Stephens Achieves Those Amazing Looks We See on the Show

After recognizing hairstyling as her purpose in life at 25-years-old, Jerilynn Stephens has pursued her dream relentlessly. Originally from northern Michigan, she tried to start her career in Seattle, Washington, before moving to Los Angeles, California in 2001.

Stephens first got her start as a Hollywood hairstylist in 2003, working on Hallmark movies including Mystery Woman: Snapshot, Fielder’s Choice, Home for Christmas, and Out of the Woods. Her breakthrough came in 2011 when make-up artist, Darcy Gilmore, asked her to work on ABC’s Shark Tank Season 2. Shen referred Stephens to NBC’s The Voice for the show’s first season.

She worked her up from hairstylist to key hairstylist to now Department Head where she leads her own team. Inspired by the newest trends and what’s on the runway, she has created some of The Voice’s most memorable looks including the stunning transformation of Season 16’s Oliv Blu.

How does she style the contestants, especially under the time crunch during the Live Shows? Keep reading to find out.

Jerilynn Stephens The Voice
Renee Di Pinto Ferruggia, Jerilynn Stephens, and Anna Maria Orzano | Todd Williamson/Getty Images

How Jerilynn Stephens’ helps ‘The Voice’ contestants find their style

The hairstylist usually has the contestants put together a Pinterest board showing their personal style and likes. She then incorporates that into their song and wardrobe selection to create the final look for The Voice contestant. Additionally, the hairstylist is careful to make sure the hair doesn’t interfere with the clothing if it has massive sequins or buttons on it.

Stephens’ said she’s also open to suggestions from the contestants themselves and will go with their idea or tweak it if necessary. Nonetheless, her goal for her looks is to show a gradual transformation in every singer from their nervous blind auditions to confident Live Shows.

Ultimately, she aims to transform the contestant into a star before the viewer’s eyes throughout the season.

How her team complete looks during ‘The Voice’ Live Shows

Even though there’s a huge time constraint for Live Shows, they are her and her team’s favorite. Stephens, backed by key hairstylist Meagan Herrera, has a core team of five people who she hires herself. The call time on the days of Live Shows are 7 a.m., and they complete everyone’s looks by 11 a.m. to see how the contestants will appear on camera.

To help the singers maintain their style for their music career after The Voice, Stephens teaches them how to do their hair.

Jerilynn Stephens’ several nominations for ‘The Voice’ and other shows

Her incredible standout hairstyles, specifically Season 16’s “Lives Were Legendary” for the top 13, have received several nominations. The Emmy Awards have nominated her seven times for The Voice, and she’s received a total of nine nominations for various work including the MTV VMA’s, Lip Sync Battle Shorties, and a 2018 Sprint Commercial.

In 2014, Stephens took home the Guild Award for Best Contemporary Hair Styling on The Voice. Even though the Hollywood Hairstylist has yet to win an Emmy, she is honored by the nominations because they are voted by her peers.